Square Nose - the Squarrel

OK … so if its doing it at that level it should be fine.

I wonder why it affected @JuiceLizard’s games then?

I checked, it isn’t the patcher.

Unfortunately somehow the hex file that was provided to me has this glitch for some reason:


This is before the patch was applied.

Not sure how that would have happened, I see it’s running fine at the top post here.

Who gave you the .hex/how did you acquire it?

If it was compiled by someone who uses a clone or has cause to have Mr Blinky’s clone package installed then it’s possible they compiled it for a system with a different screen, which might account for the bug.

Or if it’s a really old .hex it might still have that old Sprites glitch where the inline assembly was misbehaving.

@mameise put together the origonal collection.

I guess he probably compiled it himself?


I think @mameise used a homemade Arduboy.
If it used a non-standard screen that could explain things.

AFAIK most of the original hex files where grabbed from the Game’s topic and not recompiled. Some games that used EEPROM 0 or had another issue where recompiled. But can’t rememer Square Nose was one of them. Maybe it was an old version?

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