Squario: The Ultimate Adventure

(Kevin) #1

Squario: The Ultimate Adventure

by @chris

Here is is the jumping square man adventure you’ve all been looking for!

  • Jump over chasms!
  • Jump on top of bad guys!
  • Jump into Question blocks and get points! Points!!

Classic platformer remixed into a free running adventure!

Download the excitement at:


Video by @TimOnGaming

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(Migz) #2

This game is great!!!:heart_eyes:

(Ash) #3

What the hell are the frozen poo things that rain down from the sky? They keep messing up my flow lol

(Migz) #4

Lol, yeah there’s no warning, I was getting them at the very beginning! Lightning bolt turds!

(Leo) #5

Line 388 or 338 in one of the files I commented out…

Something about bolt or tbolt

Got that dumb thing out of there;) lol

Edited: comment out line 388 of the file “SquarioGame,ccp” (see photos)

I hope these photos came out ok.

(Ash) #6

Might have to get rid of the homing star as well, your Mario brain wants to run into it thinking it’s an invincibility star but it’s actually a bad guy!

Mario? Tetris? Pokémon?Snake?
(Leo) #7

I was going to, but playing it now I like the logic for this AI… It actually follows you.

I’m thinking of slowing it down, and maybe switching the lightning bolt Sprite for the stars.

I think it’s fun how it chases you.

I’ll take photos of the bolt code I commented out and edit my previous comment accordingly when I get home.

(Kamil Brzezinski) #8

Great game, but I’ve fixed sound issue. When user will switch off sound he had still sound in highscore
diff --git a/Squario.ino b/Squario.ino
index 1b6ac35…433af15 100644
— a/Squario.ino
+++ b/Squario.ino
@@ -163,16 +163,16 @@ void enterHighScore(byte file) {
if ( display.pressed(LEFT_BUTTON) || display.pressed(B_BUTTON)) {
if (index < 0) index = 0;

  •      else display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
  •      else if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
       if (display.pressed(RIGHT_BUTTON)) {
         if (index > 2) index = 2;
  •      else display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
  •      else if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
       if (display.pressed(DOWN_BUTTON)) {
  •      display.tunes.tone(523, 250);
  •      if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(523, 250);
         // A-Z 0-9 :-? !-/ ' '
         if (initials[index] == '0') initials[index] = ' ';
         if (initials[index] == '!') initials[index] = 'A';

@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ void enterHighScore(byte file) {
if (display.pressed(UP_BUTTON)) {

  •      display.tunes.tone(523, 250);
  •      if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(523, 250);
         if (initials[index] == ' ') initials[index] = '?';
         if (initials[index] == '/') initials[index] = 'Z';
         if (initials[index] == 31) initials[index] = '/';

@@ -190,9 +190,9 @@ void enterHighScore(byte file) {
if (display.pressed(A_BUTTON)) {
if (index < 2) {

  •        display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
  •        if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
         } else {
  •        display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
  •        if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);

(Tim Evans) #9

Really dig this game. It’s pretty hard though. I keep waiting for an item to allow for more than one hit.

The logic is tight though. Best platform type game I’ve played yet.

(Gabe) #10

Awesome platformer, definitely one of the most interesting arduboy games yet!

(Tim Evans) #11

I wasn’t playing on seed 1. Once I did I quickly found a mushroom.

Great game!

(Migz) #12

How would you add another frame for an animated sprite in this piece of code?
I’ve changed the frame# to 2 and the speed to 1. I’ve also added Frame 2 Data that’s different than 1 below the Mask data (not seen in image).


(Jan) #13

I’m new here and the Arduboy that I received last week marks the first time I touched C code. Trying to understand and recreate things one by one.

I loved Squario very much but felt it needed to recreate the charm of the old Mario Land Gameboy Version, so I started editing sprites, backgrounds etc.

Maybe you like it:

(Chris) #14

Hi folks, I’ve made a few updates to the game on the 22nd and today.

  • Mushrooms picked up after becoming big Squario will fill him, up to 5 times
  • Added pipes to break up levels, levels get progressively longer
  • Every other level has more of an underworld layout now
  • Starmen and thunder bolts should only spawn towards the second half of each level
  • Every 20 coins you earn an extra life

The changes should drop the challenge down a few notches. I am kind of concerned about whether having a full stack of health trivializes things, I’ll probably look at making the level generator more punishing as the MapNumber gets higher.

(Chris) #15

There are a few missing pieces to the animation that are missing because I never got around to them unfortunately. There’s no code to increment the currentFrame value on each sprite so draw() will always be reading from the first frame. I’ll take a whack at adding it in next update.

(Chris) #16

I like the pyramids as a background quite a bit! Actually I like most of the changes, but I’m not sure where the fair use line gets drawn and somebody gets sued :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jan) #17

Well, I didnt use any sprites that already existed, drew all by myself and they are all a bit different to original Mario stuff.
Anyways, you think I should rather take it down?

(Russell Hill) #18

Are there any videos of this new Squario? I’d love to see it ahead of getting my Arduboy!

(Tim Evans) #19

(Russell Hill) #20

that’s awesome, thanks for posting the video - the game looks great too: another reason I can’t wait for my Arduboy!!