Squario - The Ultimate Adventure


Squario: The Ultimate Adventure

by @chris

Here is is the jumping square man adventure you’ve all been looking for!

  • Jump over chasms!
  • Jump on top of bad guys!
  • Jump into Question blocks and get points! Points!!

Classic platformer remixed into a free running adventure!

Download the excitement at:



This game is great!!!:heart_eyes:


What the hell are the frozen poo things that rain down from the sky? They keep messing up my flow lol

Lol, yeah there’s no warning, I was getting them at the very beginning! Lightning bolt turds!

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Line 388 or 338 in one of the files I commented out…

Something about bolt or tbolt

Got that dumb thing out of there;) lol

Edited: comment out line 388 of the file “SquarioGame,ccp” (see photos)

I hope these photos came out ok.


Might have to get rid of the homing star as well, your Mario brain wants to run into it thinking it’s an invincibility star but it’s actually a bad guy!

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I was going to, but playing it now I like the logic for this AI… It actually follows you.

I’m thinking of slowing it down, and maybe switching the lightning bolt Sprite for the stars.

I think it’s fun how it chases you.

I’ll take photos of the bolt code I commented out and edit my previous comment accordingly when I get home.

Great game, but I’ve fixed sound issue. When user will switch off sound he had still sound in highscore
diff --git a/Squario.ino b/Squario.ino
index 1b6ac35…433af15 100644
— a/Squario.ino
+++ b/Squario.ino
@@ -163,16 +163,16 @@ void enterHighScore(byte file) {
if ( display.pressed(LEFT_BUTTON) || display.pressed(B_BUTTON)) {
if (index < 0) index = 0;

  •      else display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
  •      else if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
       if (display.pressed(RIGHT_BUTTON)) {
         if (index > 2) index = 2;
  •      else display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
  •      else if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
       if (display.pressed(DOWN_BUTTON)) {
  •      display.tunes.tone(523, 250);
  •      if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(523, 250);
         // A-Z 0-9 :-? !-/ ' '
         if (initials[index] == '0') initials[index] = ' ';
         if (initials[index] == '!') initials[index] = 'A';

@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ void enterHighScore(byte file) {
if (display.pressed(UP_BUTTON)) {

  •      display.tunes.tone(523, 250);
  •      if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(523, 250);
         if (initials[index] == ' ') initials[index] = '?';
         if (initials[index] == '/') initials[index] = 'Z';
         if (initials[index] == 31) initials[index] = '/';

@@ -190,9 +190,9 @@ void enterHighScore(byte file) {
if (display.pressed(A_BUTTON)) {
if (index < 2) {

  •        display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
  •        if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
         } else {
  •        display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);
  •        if ( SoundOn ) display.tunes.tone(1046, 250);

Really dig this game. It’s pretty hard though. I keep waiting for an item to allow for more than one hit.

The logic is tight though. Best platform type game I’ve played yet.

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Awesome platformer, definitely one of the most interesting arduboy games yet!


I wasn’t playing on seed 1. Once I did I quickly found a mushroom.

Great game!

How would you add another frame for an animated sprite in this piece of code?
I’ve changed the frame# to 2 and the speed to 1. I’ve also added Frame 2 Data that’s different than 1 below the Mask data (not seen in image).


I’m new here and the Arduboy that I received last week marks the first time I touched C code. Trying to understand and recreate things one by one.

I loved Squario very much but felt it needed to recreate the charm of the old Mario Land Gameboy Version, so I started editing sprites, backgrounds etc.

Maybe you like it:


Hi folks, I’ve made a few updates to the game on the 22nd and today.

  • Mushrooms picked up after becoming big Squario will fill him, up to 5 times
  • Added pipes to break up levels, levels get progressively longer
  • Every other level has more of an underworld layout now
  • Starmen and thunder bolts should only spawn towards the second half of each level
  • Every 20 coins you earn an extra life

The changes should drop the challenge down a few notches. I am kind of concerned about whether having a full stack of health trivializes things, I’ll probably look at making the level generator more punishing as the MapNumber gets higher.


There are a few missing pieces to the animation that are missing because I never got around to them unfortunately. There’s no code to increment the currentFrame value on each sprite so draw() will always be reading from the first frame. I’ll take a whack at adding it in next update.

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I like the pyramids as a background quite a bit! Actually I like most of the changes, but I’m not sure where the fair use line gets drawn and somebody gets sued :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I didnt use any sprites that already existed, drew all by myself and they are all a bit different to original Mario stuff.
Anyways, you think I should rather take it down?

Are there any videos of this new Squario? I’d love to see it ahead of getting my Arduboy!


that’s awesome, thanks for posting the video - the game looks great too: another reason I can’t wait for my Arduboy!!