Squario: The Ultimate Adventure

(curly) #61

seeing as the sourcecode is freely available, you can edit it till your hearts content :smiley:

but i think that would take half the fun away

(Jesse Campbell) #62

It would be cool if saving/loading could be part of the library. Kind of like with emulators.

(curly) #63

look up EEPROM on this forum (i dont know enough about it to explain it without messing up your game)

(curly) #64

is there an end? i was under the influence it went on endlessly,

and to anyone reading this i wana see how i compare to your high scores
my current high score on unedited version is 6,284 (i suck)

(Scott) #65

Lots of things seem to go on endlessly when you’re under the influence. :beer:

(curly) #66

that is not the case i have been sober for 1 year 1 month (almost 2 months) now but whos counting

seed 1 6,435 (if i get much further i get to a place that i cant jump through /cant die)
seed 2 9,184 , died about 5 times on the last lvl
seed 3 5,020
seed 4 7,997
seed 5 7,550
seed 6 8,106
seed 7 5,804

(staying on each seed till i get a score or 5,000 or better)
whats your high score?

(Jesse Campbell) #67

It looks better if the outdoor levels use display.invert(true);

The tunnels are better dark.

(Kevin) #68

Does the larger screen have the same problem with banding artifacts as the 1.3"?

(Jesse Campbell) #69

Not if you use Mr. Blinky’s library and select the screen type as a Variant

(Kevin) #70

Does the library have some effect on banding on the default oled??

(Miloslav Číž) #71

Super awesome, but I can’t see any license info - is this intentionally proprietary?

(jon yakowec) #72

I’m loving this game I just wish at the end of every other level there was some sort of boss to get past. I’ve also been thinking how good the enemies from mystic balloon would look in this game. All in all this is a fantastic game