Squid Jump - Splatoon arcade game demake


Squid Jump

Hai Arduboy community!! I just received my Arduboy FX earlier this month and I’ve been dying to make games for this wonderful little system. And after starting off with no C++ experience whatsoever, I’m super happy to announce that I’ve completed my first game.

About the game

This game is a demake of the Squid Jump microgame from Splatoon, which is an arcade style ‘Jumper’ game. It’s primarily a highscore chasing game, but I may add an endless mode (where the goal is to survive as many levels as possible) in a future update if people seem to like the game. To get the highest scores you need to complete levels as quickly as possible.

The game currently features 25 levels, with various platform types with different physics, based off the original’s. There are also 3 powerups to aid you with getting to the top of the level as fast as possible.

It also saves your level progress and your highscore in EEPROM, so you can always aim for a higher and higher score. Also, I implemented a custom font heavily based off the one from the original game, so it has its own unique feel.


The controls are really simple, hold A to charge your jump and release it to unleash your jump. L + R move the squid left and right and the B button pauses. If you wish to quit your game early while still, saving your score, hold Up when paused.


The source code can be found on my GitHub, as well as the Arduboy file for the game.







If you do decide to check it out, I really hope you enjoy!!


So good. Nice work!

Hey @Primm :wave:
What a great game! Really addictive. Love it :smiley:

@filmote @acedent
Thank you so much!! I’m very glad people are enjoying the game

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Really fun game! Love the animations and expressions for the squid.

Also you might want to tweak the collision a bit.


In fairness, collisions in platformers can be tricky to do well.
You need to know more tricks than just the bog-standard rectangle-rectangle bounding box collision.

(And that’s before you get into things like slopes and rounded block edges.)

Yeah, that’s definitely true and I can vouch for that.

It’s just a little awkward is all.

Good call!! Admittedly the only reason it’s like that is because the original does the same, but for things like this I definitely think deviating to make the game feel better is the better option.

I’ve now updated the source and have shrunk the hitbox by 2 pixels each side, which hopefully won’t make the game too much more difficult, but certainly looks a lot better.

Thanks for the suggestion!!

(Also I don’t know whether I should update the hex file in the original post or not, but either way, I’ll hold off for a bit until any more issues have been found)

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Yo @Primm, very nice work.
I was on the train to work and got in to it. It is amusing to engage in play.

Probs for that.

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Updated it once again!

There was a bug with displaying large highscores, which has now been fixed.
Also the fact that the scores weren’t centred on the status screen really bothered me, so now the score screen should look far better.

Hopefully the game is polished enough now for me to be able to not edit the code for over a week ^^

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