SSASE - Arduboy sprite editor

I made this simple sprite editor for my own use but if anyone want’s to use it please do. The source is there also if anyone wants to make it better.

It’s for windows but it should run OK under wine for mac and linux (not tested).

Basic instructions in the readme.txt


Hi @spinal I use this a lot but could you make it 30x30 please I’m having space issues.

I just looked at the source code and I was really surprised to see it’s in Basic.
I’ve never actually seen someone write a graphical tool in Basic before.
I assume from the name of the .dll it’s using Blitz Basic.

What’s basic?(extra words)

An old programming language.

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Beginner’s All-purpose Sybolic Instruction Code.

It was created in 1964 and later became very popular when it was used on home-computers (typically the kind that were just a keyboard that plugs into the television).

A lot of the older people here learnt how to program in basic.


I am old and I learnt to program in BASIC on a VIC-20. Its a horrible language.

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@Cody17 I have an Excel spreadsheet that will allow you to create sprites up to 56 x 32. As they are just formulas, you could extend it to be bigger if necessary.


Thanks was really needing a new editor!

You deisgn what you want into the cells and it calculates the data array. Good thing with Excel is that you can use all of the standard cut and paste tools!

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windows cant open? dont know?

Might be a versioning issue, I managed to open it fine in LibreOffice Calc.

If you can’t get it working, here’s a big list of image converters.

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Mmmm … works on my Windows and Mac box. Anyhow, I have put up an older version .xls one for you in the same repository. Give it a try.

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nope doesnt work i think i might have 2007 version

The .xls should work on 2007.

Exactly what problem are you having?

it says

there was a problem sending the command to the program

I think that’s a totally unrelated bug.

It actually appears to be a known bug in Excel 2007.
I found this place discussing a potential fix.

Microsof support gives the same advice, as well as an explanation of why Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) might cause that issue, and an alternate fix if you’re on Windows 8.

im on widows 8?! WOW