Ssd1309 7 pin Arduino pro micro 5v

Ssd1309 7 pin Arduino pro micro 5v owner I will make arduboy for the first time, but since I am a fool, I have neither a circuit diagram nor any information. :smiling_face_with_tear:Can you help me.:disappointed_relieved:

Be sure to search the community before making posts like this if you can. If you did, then it might be an issue because there isn’t an actual step by step guide hosted on this website, per-se. We’re working on that. The information is mostly here:

You can also browse the home made section:

Several of these include helpful information on how to make your own.

Instructables has some guides too:

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This may also be useful as you’re using a Pro Micro.

If you want full speaker and LED functionality, you’ll have to go with the “Alternate Wiring” diagram in the Production Arduboy Schematic thread that @bateske sent and then you’ll have to use this library instead of the standard Arduboy2.