Ssh1106 i2c

i am trying to modify:

so it can support OLED with driver SSH1106 owner i2c protocol, no luck yet unfortunately :frowning:
no other Display is available in my country unfortunately :frowning:

Can anybody help me ?

Display kinda work nut it work only in first 1-3 line on configuration for

so i guess that i need to make some modification for addresses

Datasheet of OLED :slight_smile:

Thank you for any suggestion’s :slight_smile:

I see you’ve also asked the samequestion on GitHub. I’ll look into it.
Can you make a picture of both the front and backside of your display?

There it is :slight_smile:

Any luck, in finding where is the problem ?

He’s gonna need more than a day, probably would need to tweak the homemade lib to add support for the display in i2c mode.


I already know what the problem is. Just need some time to implement the solution. Your patience will be appreciated.


Hi i don’t want to be impatience, i just want to be helpful as possible :slight_smile:

Any news ? Can i help with something testing etc ? :slight_smile:

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Ah good you reached out. I made a little test earlier this week but forgot to message you about it. PMed you the hex file.

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