ST7565 LCD arduíno nano 328?

I am getting private messages from @Felipe_Lucio asking for help, which I can’t read without first putting them through Google Translate… maybe there is a native speaker here who could be of more assistance? I guess the solution to their problem would be adding Arduino Nano support to @Mr.Blinky’s homemade boards package? Would be a nice addition, but might be too big an ask though, especially when Blinky is already busy working on free R&D for Project Falcon…

In case anyone is wondering: the language here is Brazillian Portuguese.

Without meaning to volunteer him, I believe @FManga (another Felipe) is Brazilian,
and thus may be able to help?

(I don’t know of anyone else offhand.)

Same thing here. I told him I’m concidering adding atmega328 support in the future.

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@Felipe_Lucio: Fala mano! Se for pedir ajuda por PM, pelo menos passe pra inglês pelo tradutor. O pessoal vive de mãos cheias e vai ser mais fácil te ajudar. Quanto ao seu projeto, ainda não há suporte para o Nano. Dá pra mudar pro Micro?


hello i apologize if i bothered, i’m new here on the forum as i already mentioned, i have an arduboy clone, created using a modified library with support for atmega328 that i found here on the forum, i know that arduboy was designed for atmega32u4, for now i have in hands only a few atmegas328 and i would like to interact my arduboy with a lcd st7565 software is not very my area, i am better with the hardware could someone help me?

I took this post as a base:

hello @Mr.Blinky, why create from scratch something that has already been created? the content of the question I asked you was mainly about the st7565 LCD.

If it was that easy you could just use that right? I think I answered your questions regarding ST7565. If you’d like to make an Arduboy using that LCD I recommend to get a Pro Micro

I’m better at hardware, so the difficulty.