Stairs Sweep - A falling block puzzle game



“Stairs Sweep” is a falling block puzzle game, something like “Pac-Attack”.

You drop down formations of boxed and enemies onto a playfield. Boxes lined up horizontally can be deleted. Enemies can not but beaten by a ball. A ball appears periodically. The level is higher, the period is longer.
Beating enemies will cause the meter to fill up. Once the meter is full, a star will appear that clears enemies in 7 rows below it. You can cancel the star effect and obtain a bonus point by holding the rotation button.

Title screen Game screen

Because of the screen rotation, you must hold your Arduboy™ in a strange way like the below picture.


  • Left Right: Move
  • Down: Drop fast
  • Up: Rotate
  • B button: Rotate, choose
  • A button: Open the menu


Play movie


Download HEX file.
Or check out souce code and build the project in ‘stairssweep’ folder.


If you’d like to rotate the screen in the opposite direction, enable FLIP_SCREEN compile switch in “common.h” and build the project.
For special devices like Tetris® MicroCard, it may be suitable to disable ROTATE_DPAD compile switch. I’m not sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is just brilliant!! And plays well with just one hand! As usual I am impressed with your work. Thank you so much for offering us this game! :+1:

Felicidades su juego es genial.


Great game. Nice work with the graphics too!

I built a vertical game too but interestingly mine is 180 degrees opposite of yours! The FLIP_SCREEN is a nice idea.

I then flashed the game to a microcard!


However, both hands are needed for a higher level! :open_hands:

Gracias por jugar mi juego.

Actually I didn’t know how rotated the screen of microcard.
Thanks for your information.

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