Star Honor - A Space Roguelike Adventure


I upgraded the version of my Arduino IDE to 1.6.9 and the issue is resolved.

(Kevin) #42

Always be sure to have the latest arduino and library version installed, this typically fixes issues.

@MLXXXp is usually super fast at spotting bugs and helps to get them resolved. Because he is awesome.

(Scott) #43

I found an obscure bug in Star Honor, which prevents it from proceeding past the title screen, when compiled with Arduino IDE versions above 1.6.9 (at least for me).

I’ve fixed the bug in my latest forked version that I previously converted to use the Arduboy2 library. I also added flashlight mode and the Arduboy boot logo to the startup sequence. This version can be found here:

(Mattia Colasanto) #44

Problem with uploading…

(Scott) #45

Did you try my version?


Ah this is awesome! I had a bug where I was stuck at the title screen (same thing as P3RISH), but MLXXXp’s version fixed it.

(Mike Stanaway) #47

Yeah i cant get the game to work can anyone help.

(Scott) #48

Is your Arduboy turned on? That’s about all I can suggest, given the amount of information you’ve provided.

(Mike Stanaway) #49

Yeah it is on it is giving me an error message about Arduboycostum.h how do I fix that

(Scott) #50

Have you tried my version, as recommended in this thread?

(Mike Stanaway) #51

Yes I have and it still doesn’t work

(Scott) #52

We can’t help you if you just say “it doesn’t work”.

Have you followed the program installation guide to properly install the game? If so please provide details on what you’re doing and the exact text of the errors that you get.

(Vaughan Stephenson) #53

Hello. Whenever I upload the sketch to my Arduboy, the visuals are scrambled and scrolling across the screen. I am not sure how to fix this.

(Simon) #54

Was anyone able to help you? I am guessing not as there are no replies.

Have you tried other games and do they work?

(Stephane C) #55

Was the last game you tried that Oregon Trail unfinished game? If so what you are seeing is still Oregon Trail bugging. I experienced it as well before. You will probably need to use the reset button while trying to re flash another game to really flash a new one. I might be wrong but I think that’s how I did it years ago.

(Stephane C) #56

Looks like I found the thread talking about that same issue after flashing Cascade Path

(Simon) #57

By the looks of it, the short answer is to upgrade Arduboy2 library and the Arduino IDE to the latest.

(Vaughan Stephenson) #58

thanks everyone had to update the Arduboy library.