Starduino - Star Fox inspired 3D rail shooter for Arduboy

3x was the highest I could endure. With and without smoothing.

Higher is fine for regular games but the dithered 3D vector graphics are so garbled that it gets painful on the brain if they’re not tiny.

When it’s tiny the brain can reconstruct the missing pixels and figure out the “grays” and best-guess the polygon edges making the game playable.

When the pixels become large squares looks like that part of the visual cortex stops working its magic.

I could put an option for swtiching between 128x64 or OpenGL and pixel zoom factor. Let people enjoy the eye burn if they’re into that :smiley:

I put the .hex file on my site to try ProjectABE … Looks like it doesn’t handle the OLED memory layout mode I use. And the sound is just clicks.

Maybe there’s a bit more of a hardware-side hack to my game than I thought HAHAHAHA

My god, amazing. Thanks alot for your works Stephane

:open_mouth: Wonderfully done. Love the amount of work you did on the manual/box art.

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Looking at the artwork - is pinniped a literal translation for ‘seal’ (as in the sea going mammal) when in fact you wanted ‘seal’ (as in stamp)?

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But there’s cool pinniped memes


Yes. It’s a bad pun :slight_smile:

I thought of going for “phoque” (google translate) but I kept it G-rated :smiley:

(Trivia: That’s where the expression “Pardon my French” after people swear in English comes from)

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Bah on fait ce que l’on peut… On n’est pas tous parfaitement anglophone mais c’est vrai que l’anglais c’est bien pratique pour que l’on se comprenne tous… :wink:


@Jean-Charles_Lebeau Y ont une section du forum en Japonais a eux tout seul. C tellement pas juste! :smile:


Ouaip. Mais bon, ils sont tellement aidant que je fais l’effort de parler anglais.

Anyway, back on topic, great job on that game. Really blew my mind. Thank you!


I won’t attempt to reply in French like I usually do,
it would take me too long to figure out how to say this…

You could ask for a ‘Français’ category if you think it would be useful,
but personally I don’t think language-specific categories are very useful.

The ‘日本語’ category was originally created in 2016 and mainly contributed to by @akkera102
(I’m presuming akkera was the one who asked for the section).
It doesn’t actually get much use.
It only had 7 topics last year (2018), and its longest topic is only 46 comments.

It might be useful if we’ve got some users who only speak French and don’t speak English,
but otherwise I don’t think it would get used much.

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@Pharap Nah, no worries. I was entirely kidding :smiley: Wasn’t serious at all.

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I did a short write-up.

Feedback? Typos? Wait, there’s probably a better forum section for that…


Is the code going to be released at any point?
(I’m far more interested in the code than the game itself.)


Amazing! How can I upload it using a mac? (I usually use Arduino software to do it (.ino files)

Thanks for sharing your work!

This is super neat! One of the few Arduboy games where I feel like I’m at an actual place flying a real machine. It feels more fluid than the original Starfox. Thanks for sharing this :star_struck:

I was able to load it from Linux with MrBlinky’s Python utils, which sound like they work on Mac too:

> python path/to/game.arduboy

That’s the command I use on Linux, OSX is similar:

avrdude -v -patmega32u4 -cavr109 -P/dev/ttyACM0 -b57600 -D -Uflash:w:game.hex:i

You’ll have to find where the avrdude executable is if it’s not in your OSX terminal shell’s path, it’s probably somewhere inside the Arduino.App directory (OSX apps are directories) and change /dev/ttyACM0 to whatever /dev/something the Arduboy shows up as (the Arduino IDE will tell you)

Alternatively I think Team A.R.G. made an OSX version of their uploader tool if you prefer that.

@bateske Go have a look. :smile:

:white_check_mark: #BucketList


Alright man that is awesome! Congratulations! :confetti_ball: All of your coding skills for sure deserve it!