Starduino - Star Fox inspired 3D rail shooter for Arduboy

Congrats on making HAD @rv6502!

Hey @rv6502 your on hackaday again this time for your bad apple demo!


How do you flash a new game? I can’t seem to get into flashlight mode with this installed and it doesn’t have the usb library.

Stephane, you’re amazing… after starfox, the bad apple video coded in the MEGA… Impressionnant :wink: Bien joué. Well done. I hope youll continue to works on these consoles and Arduino, i like tht you do (as many think too).
Hum, i wish you do same on the META as i would see this Star Fox on a color Aduino Console too… With that you done with 2 colors, its could be amazing if you could do same with the colors and the hardware…

You have to push the reset button just before flashing.

It’s not bricked but it’s the same trick to reflash.

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Like this:

You can use the arduino IDE or avrdude (bundled with flashing apps) or another tool by pressing reset just before flashing

For avrdude:

avrdude -F -v -patmega32u4 -cavr109 -P/dev/ttyACM0 -b57600 -D -Uflash:w:/tmp/Puzzle_Minesweeper_Minesweeper.EN-GB.hex:i

the parameter -P will change according to where your Arduboy shows up (a COMx port on windows, /dev/cu.usbmodemXXXXX on OSX)

Replace /tmp/Puzzle_Minesweeper_Minesweeper.EN-GB.hex with whatever .hex file (don’t forget to keep the :i at the end

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There is a video guide here as well, be careful of the reset button it is delicate!

I was pretty close to not even having the reset button at all! Wow!

Interesting. The META doesn’t offer schematics and threaten people with patent lawsuits … ( )

I get the not releasing schematics part (fair enough) but the threats are too much to my taste. At first I thought “Fine, I’ll just figure it out” but reading further into the thread: naaaah.

Not sure I want to put that much effort and the net result would be them getting more hardware sales and not much for me, really.

Compare to the Arduboy where even if I could build my own clone since @bateske gave the schematics (and I literally have all the hardware already at home as my bills-paying job is to build & program custom devices & robots) I still bought an actual Arduboy for the nifty sturdy casing.

It’s a niche market and people in it are willing to pay for the quality. (next time please get a display with video-sync signal tho :wink: )


Ouch, that has honestly put me off the gameduino. I was considering purchasing one but that attitude… nah pass

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I know, right? And you can’t patent-lawsuit over reverse-engineering schematics anyway.

They can patent the physical form-and-function (as one) of the casing as it may be an novel idea, trademark the brand, copyright the bootloader & OS/menu. All of these can protect against exact clones/copies.

But they can’t use patent law against someone who just releases schematics.
And they can’t sue over a compatible device unless the firmware is pirated (At least in the US/Canada as far as I know. Plenty of legal precedents.) Their device is just a bunch of off-the-shelf parts put together (in a nice case), too simple for patent law to be used over this.

I’d still be open to paid work if they want a “killer app” to push sales. Business is business. But they set the tone to business so that’s what it’s gonna be. The device looks fun tho.

I’m getting completely Off-Topic but it was too preposterous to not comment on it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for your answer, i understand and it’s true that the spirit of the Arduboy and of this forum is amazing. I’ll not launch a debat on the META as it’s totally out of the subject and it was not the spirit i was asking. I had just imagine how fine Starduino could be with colors :wink: and i would say that the both things i have seen from your works was amazing video of bad Apple and Starduino and i hope you’ll continue works like these creations :wink:


I’ll keep doing stuff for sure :smiley: I try to do some random experiment release once a year or so.


An amazing port of a great game!

I never thought that such a hit as Starfox could be made on Arduboy - and especially that I will see full 3D graphics on it. Currently my favorite game! At the moment, my score is 116339!

Thank you again and I am impatiently waiting for what you will surprise us in the future :slight_smile:



I can’t seem to load other games onto it, and I can not use up + on or down + on to fix it.

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When that doesn’t work there’s always the reset button method.

Next time, please try to look at the other post in the same thread. Most of the times someone had the same problem and people gave the solutions.

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I’ve trimmed out some unused code from the game, freeing some flash so I’ll be able to add the up/down trick on a new build soon-ish.

Okay, thank you! Sorry I didn’t see that post :/. It was pretty far down I must have missed it, thank you though!

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So this happened today:


I didn’t know but after a few clicks I found out that is the lead programmer of the original Starfox! That’s quite an accomplishment nice work!


@rv6502 improved the performance and posted the updates here:

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