Starduino Turbo - Star Fox inspired 3D rail shooter, better faster stronger

Is it within the realm of possibility of getting SH1106 displays working with a .hex patch, or does the difference in display update paging logic (not sure I’m putting that correctly) make it a hard no-go?

IIRC the game uses a custom vertical display update method.The SH1106 display only supports horizontal page addressing. Updating the SH1106 in a vertical manner would require sending twice the display data so it will cause a slowdown and more code space would be required for the patch.
Not saying it’s impossible be it would be a challenge.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Appreciate all you’ve done.

I just finished my first breadboard prototype with a flash cart, and I’m amazed at how easy you’ve made this for newcomers like myself.

I’ve got the parts to make 20 of them for a school STEM project I’ll be running at my kid’s school, and I was worried I might run into a bunch of compatibility issues with the SH1106 (I picked it to keep costs low), but so far, this is the only one I know of that I can’t run, which is amazing.


The main reason for that is that the vast majority of games use the Arduboy2 library to handle all screen operations, and only a very small number interact directly with the screen.

Even then, the majority of games that might do something that wouldn’t work on SH1106 are open source, so changing the source code is often relatively easy and can be done without asking permission.

Starduino is one of the very few games that both doesn’t use the Arduboy2 library and isn’t open source.


I just realised @rv6502 is the same ‘Stéphane Hockenhull’ that developed the sound system for Shantae on the GBC (and more!). Nice! :smiley: :musical_note: :notes: