State of the Arduboy 2020

The state of the Arduboy is diminished but the dream is alive.

I’ve had to cancel the education program, giving away free Arduboys in the current market is not a viable strategy.

There is an obvious need for at-home learning and so I think I’m going to teach an online course building Arduboy at home and try to promote that as the main “thing” that I’m doing.

I’ll probably look at selling the kits eventually, but at first you’ll just source the parts online. It will be tough to beat the $9 or whatever you can do for yourself on ebay.

I’ve had to take a break for the last few months dealing with urgent business matters, but those mostly seem to be resolved now so I can get back to working with @Mr.Blinky on flashcart stuff.

But unfortunately due to the global situation right now, I wouldn’t plan on releasing anything until next year.

If anyone can think of any other ways Arduboy could be helpful in a time like this, please let me know. I’m trying to figure out what more I can do, but it seems like delivering food to elderly people in my area is just about it beyond trying to help teach all the kids at home right now a little bit of arduino.

Please keep this thread on topic about ways Arduboy is relevant in a time like this, if you want to just talk to each other about what is going on in the world please check out this thread.