State of the Arduboy 2020

The state of the Arduboy is diminished but the dream is alive.

I’ve had to cancel the education program, giving away free Arduboys in the current market is not a viable strategy.

There is an obvious need for at-home learning and so I think I’m going to teach an online course building Arduboy at home and try to promote that as the main “thing” that I’m doing.

I’ll probably look at selling the kits eventually, but at first you’ll just source the parts online. It will be tough to beat the $9 or whatever you can do for yourself on ebay.

I’ve had to take a break for the last few months dealing with urgent business matters, but those mostly seem to be resolved now so I can get back to working with @Mr.Blinky on flashcart stuff.

But unfortunately due to the global situation right now, I wouldn’t plan on releasing anything until next year.

If anyone can think of any other ways Arduboy could be helpful in a time like this, please let me know. I’m trying to figure out what more I can do, but it seems like delivering food to elderly people in my area is just about it beyond trying to help teach all the kids at home right now a little bit of arduino.

Please keep this thread on topic about ways Arduboy is relevant in a time like this, if you want to just talk to each other about what is going on in the world please check out this thread.


the semi-functional off-line ABE and the web ABE are good starts if physical units can’t be shipped / produced / acquired.

If my unit had its original slim battery inside the case, it would remain as one of my favorite. Sadly that had seized to be true

What do you mean ‘semi functional’? This is a fantastic emulator and combined with the Arduino IDE / VS Code / other IDE is all you need to develop a solution. Do you mean ‘semi functional’ as an IDE and emulator ‘all in one’ tool?

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Well, the sound doesn’t work in a pleasurable way and there are still a few bugs. If you are doing complicated things the speed isn’t right it will either run too fast or too slow.

I want to make the emulator and it’s own IDE into an app for the ios and android. Had been talking with @FManga and @crait about putting this into Unity. @FManga actually managed to implement this in like a day or two, but I haven’t heard from either of them in a few weeks. If someone wanted to take this on this is something I could compensate for your time.


True but these are not the sort of thing that will stop most people starting development with the emulator - final testing on a physical device.

It was a god-send when this and the other emulator’s turned up (sorry I have forgotten the other’s name).

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Just got @FManga to graciously add me to the gitlab repo. If anyone wants to take a crack at developing a mobile version of the emulator let me know! There would be a huge bounty for bringing this to reality.

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Hi, this is my first post but I have been lurking a while.

I am the author of Virtual Breadboard and as the name suggests I do a lot of work with simulations. I also do a lot of work with Arduino simulation and have been contemplating the idea of adding ArduBoy to Virtual Breadboard as a paid in-app purchase.

[edited] … thanks for the feedback.


As a Linux user, I would want it to be able to run under Wine but I think it being only available from the Windows Store rules that out.


First time I see VBB but the avatar concept looks terrific and I see how the Arduboy compatibility is almost done :rofl:

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I honestly think this will probably kill hardware sales, or very nearly kill them.

That’s me ruled out - I use Windows 8.1.

Price of used old consoles have gone up after the "Mini"s remakes hit the stores.

Lots of people want the real thing.

It’ll create more mind-share.

That what remakes?

Perhaps. I think I’d need more evidence to be convinced it would be worth the risk that people would just use the emulator on their phones and not buy the real deal.

Mini ps1, mini nes, mini snes, etc

@VBB The Arduboy is a trademarked name, and cannot be used for any commercial purpose that hasn’t been licensed for so you’ll want to send me a message and talk about any plans to charge for this.

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Weren’t those all actual hardware though?

Yes, who said otherwise? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@rv6502 said:

Price of used old consoles have gone up after the "Mini"s remakes hit the stores.

Lots of people want the real thing.

In response to me saying that creating an Arduboy ‘app’ would probably kill hardware sales.

If all the ‘mini’ consoles are hardware then I’m doubtful that effect would generalise to an “app”.

(I’m prepared to be surprised, but I’m lacking convincing evidence.)

For me, you can sell a kit about less than 20$ with good doc online and little guide in kit.
It’s true that someone could search and find kits below this price but it’s not needed to try to do the cheaper kit as you can’t and if you don’t make a just profit, you loose money.
I think the difference is the services like the good tutorials, maybe manage the tutorials in many langages (based on volounteers to traduct them) and a good english forum (that you already have) to have help.
The problem with kits is the request then things go wrong so you’ll need to be able to sell so parts. The problem is that some users will say that some parts has arrived broken and you’ll have to send some, so you have to think if you give them and make pay the post, if you make pay for both, asw, so it’s alot things to think and to manage. As you’re alone to do it, it’s alot of time to spend (it’s one of the reasons for wich you have to make some benefits on each kit or else, you can have a personnal fortune too and just make it for fun and spend time but i don’t think it’s your case… :frowning: ).
I think that the kit could be hardware and have maybe 20 games to program with tutorials and like the actual tutorials, alot of subjects aborded and min challenge to change some things and guide the user to organize his code like Pharap do on Forum to learn how to programm with c++ and how to code to be a programmer with good code.
The service has a cost and this cost has to be well calculated as it’s hardiest to calculate than hardaware, packaging and post part.

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Hopefully, you aren’t planning on maintaining the English versions :slight_smile: (Sorry @Jean-Charles_Lebeau … just making fun of you, no harm intended).

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