State of the Arduboy 2020

Technically speaking ‘traduct’ is actually an English word, it’s just no longer in common use.
‘Traduction’ on the other hand is still in use,
though few would know what it means because it’s very obscure.

Yes I know … i googled it because I had seen it before but wasn’t quite sure what it meant. Anyhow, ‘volounteers’ threw me.

lol, yes, all i can do is trying to help but it’s true that i’m not a good possible translator :wink: but i maybe usefull for english to french translation… It’s make so long that i learnt english… about 30 years ago now… Hopefully i read you near all the days to maintain a little my english level (but hopefully for you you don’t have to listen me speaking english… :slight_smile: )


Found an oled module!

I don’t have enough buttons to plug directly into the bread board so I will be soldering up buttons onto perfboard in this demo!

I’ll order in some pluggable buttons and do another video.

Gonna have a DIY Arduboy video. Let me know any requests for it.

I’m also thinking I’m gonna do another video where I go through all the microncontrollers I’ve got laying around and tell a little story about each one, either how I got it or what I built with it…


My wife ordered me and Arduboy for my birthday a couple days ago off adafruit. I cant wait til it arrives. I have made some games using Construct in the past and have made some Android apps with java and flutter and kotlin, so I’m OK on coding ability and am taking a c++ course now. I would look forward to an arduboy course taught by you.


Thanks! Our stocking order is due to arrive on Friday so we should be shipping orders early next week!

I just wanted to come back in here and give a small update, that a big nasty monster of a problem for the company I’ve been dealing with for over a year, it looks like I’ve finally beaten it. I need confirmation of the kill but at this point I think I can breath a little bit easier.

Once I know for sure that the problem is resolved then I can share a little more of what happened, and it might be more clear why I’ve been so absent with the front of the business.

EDIT: Actually sitting here tracing it back, it’s actually been a huge thorn in my side for 3 years… How time flies…


Just got micro arcades in, a massive shipment of Arduboys is on the way and that should keep stock levels up for at least a while.

Still don’t think it’s quite the right time to launch the FX, but I’m gonna be building the release candidate prototype in the next couple weeks and work on making a rough draft video for the promotion.

Also finally in a position to film a DIY Arduboy video. Life has been pretty tough for me lately and I can’t possibly thank you all enough for your contributions to the community and support of the platform.

Thank you for all of your positive input, helping others, creating awesome games, and generally keeping it 100 in here. More to come.


Time goes faster then you think. It’s September before you know it. Good time for a kickstarter then and shipping late november. In time for the holidays?


Does this mean the ‘not a game’ jam rewards will be sent out soon?

Disregard, just spotted this:

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I’m sorry, but I had see a long list of not-workings of it.
I like how it emulates basic functions, but the LED doesn’t work, and the built-in editor never functions.
The sound is jagged. Certain functions doesn’t work.
The major thing, is that it was a “webpage” sort of thing embedded into a customized browser.
I would prefer (and hopefully the developer too) a JS instead, just like bitmap editor, or a full-blown native .exe written with native code.

I can see the change happened to it. I am excited to see the “new” online editor, the online IDE that seems to work (does it actually work?), the Android port, too.
Seems like the “latest” offline build for Windows is 0.8 ish in October 2016 … and the download link is nowhere to be found.

Where is this Android version? Last time I hear it was … 2018?
I assume it went well. I am still looking for those download link, though.

I found a bunch of original tetris micro cards under the couch, thinking about doing a promotion, not sure what.

Also a boatload of various micro-arcades.

Arduboys are due in next week.


Well get on to it … you can code, make it your project.

In my opinion the Arduino ID (both native app and online) and the ProjectABE editor are really not appropriate to develop anything substantial. Get yourself a ‘real’ IDE and use it to code and ProjectABE to do initial testing. Ultimately, nothing beats the real hardware for testing though.

And? Is this stopping you from developing your masterpiece?

Sure but for testing, you know the sound has started at the expected and that is all that matters.


Way late to the game here, but is there still interest in an Android app?
I have put many hours into developing various pieces of this over the past 5 years.
Currently, I am in full dissertation mode, so my hobbies are on hold.
If anyone is interested I have some starting places and would be happy to take questions or help.

In 2013 or so I was very interested in Chrome/Android co-development.
There is a native flavor based on simavr, and a home grown version of the core built in Javascript.

Old AVR simulator for Android, some Arduboy code

Only remaining download link.

Better app shell

Another from scratch core

Javascript test bench is still live.

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Glad to see that the Arduboy remains active. I ordered my first Arduboy today- I am looking forward to the challenge of making tiny games!

Awhile back you posted this about an Arduboy Crank Mod.
I saw this and immediately liked its potential for use as a novel control. My impression is that this was a one-off project. Are there any intentions to release any more crank-modded Arduboys? I would love to pay for one, but I lack the resources to follow the guide from scratch, and I worry that custom mods lend to creating games specific to my custom peripheral- it would be better to have this control standardized across consoles so that people get a consistent game experience.

Thank you and cheers!


Nope. But neither does my own rigged Arduboy or Arduino Leonardo.

I can’t find the download location, still :upside_down_face:

Exactly. But it’s a big project, and I am barely moving … :confused:
But time is all I got. And I got them in bulks, now the school is over (graduate!) and with that COVID still rampant on the streets …

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Just made an update to the front page last night:


So I’m thinking as part of the FX kickstarter, which I’m thinking of doing in september, that part of that campaign will have some video updates that I talk about in detail what has happened behind the scenes of arduboy since the beginning as a backer-only update.

There is lot of little random things that happened along the way and weird stories from china that I could tell, that I wanted to cover at the time they were happening but was too focused on learning how to do the production.

Maybe break it up into 4 or 5 videos maybe focusing on different time periods of the company.


I’m working full time on getting the mod chips ready and out the door. Haven’t forgot about your prizes but those will probably come after. Sorry, but hopefully you understand. Thank you for your patience.