State of the Arduboy

(Stephane C) #41

That’s something that would truly be great to have one day.

(Pharap) #42

Surely you’d need at least a few LEDs at least to be able to indicate what mode you’ve got it in?

(Scott R) #43

TX RX could be used of course an RGB could be included for those that like illuminated controllers.

(Holmes) #44

How could you see what game you’re playing?

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #45

Hum just a little question before i do it. I have some hardware and i think i have enough to make my Arduboy version. Can i make a post with picture of what i have and have you to guide me to construct it step by step ? (I’ll not spam this post. If someone can help me to mount it, i’ll create a post, else i’ll try by myself and will search in the post (or maybe it’s already done but not sure that i have same material…)

(Shawn) #46


(Holmes) #47

There’s a #arduboy:homemade section that you can start a thread in.

(Scott R) #48

On a TV or PC monitor what I suggested was a programmable gamepad.

(Pharap) #49

In all honesty when you said “mobile device controller” I was imagining a screenless microcard controlling a drone or a little robot, or a media player on a computer, I wasn’t thinking about games.


Might be worth investigating one of those cheap 101-games-in-a-joystick-that-plugs-into-your-TV type devices? You’d save $ by not needing a screen, a speaker, LEDs, a battery + charging circuitry (they usually just run on AAs). Find a nice cheap design, and just substitute your own PCB. I have working code for NTSC video out, find the cheapest little FPGA for that, or use a dedicated NTSC / PAL encoder IC? (factory may already have an ASIC solution for that?) And then just need a few components to get line-level audio?

(Kevin) #51

I guess but the concept is you don’t need anything else to play the game on the go.

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #52

Yes a console without screen is another thing. It’s can be an option else too for people who want only learn to program but then why using a portable console and not a computer ? So the screen has to be kept in the standard version, i think

(Shawn) #53

While having a composite video out arduboy would be cool, I’d be worried about fragmenting the platform as keeping compatibility between the screened and screenless versions may either enforce unintended limits on the games or we may end up seeing games that only work on one or the other because display refresh on the oled is much more flexible and faster compared to a software bitbanged composite video out. As for adding an external dedicated chip to handle composite, while possible it would increase cost and sourcing a relatively low quantity of even an asic would add extra work/complexity to a platform that thrives off of its simplicity.

(Pharap) #54

In case you haven’t seen it:

I’m pretty sure what @uXe meant was to incorporate his VGA1306 chip (or something similar) into the design of the hypothetical Arduboy successor, so it runs exactly the same code but uses less hardware overall (because it relies on the TV for video, audio and power).


I agree this could be creating a different kind of beast, but to me it at least feels like a realistic path to the ‘$5 Arduboy’ dream :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #56

Just add an open source chip to one of these basically

(serisman) #57

a full dot-matrix display would be nice as well (instead of the partial block display with some dedicated icons to the right)

(Kevin) #58

Yeah the more detailed answer is find a manufacturer who is building these, have a custom LCD made that is a 128x64 pixel matrix, figure out what ARM processor is most affordable and slap on a usb port. Change the case a little bit. That will probably add a few dollars to the cost but these are probably already made a million at a time so that’s the challenge is to convince a factory to build them. Usually this is done with money but I don’t have enough at the moment.

(Kea Oliver) #59

So you are trying to keep the 128x64 resolution for legacy?

(Kevin) #60

Yes, I want to make it backwards compatible so all of the “old” games can be recompiled with a new library for the new device.