State of the Arduboy

(Kea Oliver) #61

Might be easier to go with a bigger screen and just scale it?

(Stephane C) #62

Problem with a bigger screen is that you’d need to find one that has the right ratio for a clean scaling. Or you will end up with non-fullscreen games.

(Kevin) #63

Scaling sucks nobody likes it. I’d be interested in potentially doing a 128x128 screen but thats probably twice as expensive.

(Kea Oliver) #64

Yeah hard to suggest anything really because it would likely increase the cost, the arduboy allready isnt cheap, i mean its very well designed and manufactured but much more expensive might be hard to push.

(Shawn) #65

I think larger flash and ram is more important than having a higher resolution screen. That way the depth and length of future games can be made more impressive and still retain backwards compatibility. But as games grow larger having a way to easily load them on unit from a menu (like Blinky’s wonderful flashcart) and save management become necessary as well.

(Kea Oliver) #66

Thats a fair point, the original gameboy only had a 160x144 screen, so we are favourable in width just not in depth. Flash and ram would be really useful, I had to jump through hoops to fit a 64x64 map into memory so my game can have random floors. In order of things I would like is maybe more flash/ram, some sort of multi game loader, maybe greyscale capable screen?

(Pharap) #67

I wouldn’t call it ‘jumping through hoops’ as such, that kind of compression is actually pretty common.
Low level bit manipulation is ‘par for the course’ when working with such low specs.

For Minesweeper I squashed several bools into a single Tile.
@Dreamer2345 did a similar thing with RogueBoy - squashing two tiles into a single byte.
And @Botisaurus has been doing lots of data squashing on Arduwars.

Even outside the Arduboy it’s used for compressing images.
(.pngs and .gifs support indexed colour modes.)
I wouldn’t be surprised if Gameboy games did it too.
(Although they had a lot more RAM to work with in most cases.)

That said, progmem is always the bottleneck in Arduboy games, and RAM is a close second.

(Boti Kis) #68

By memory do you mean ram? If so - wow.

(Kea Oliver) #69

Haha sorry It was an offhand comment, to elaborate on it I had to jump through hoops compared to what I was used to doing due to the very low specs. While i learned some things from doing it (which is always nice) I feel that more memory will allow games with higher complexity even if the screen size etc stays the same.

(Pharap) #70

In a way it’s a good thing.

People get so used to having gigabytes of memory that they stop caring about memory use and write code that eats as much memory as it feels like.

Low spec platforms like this force people to think twice about how much memory they’re using and as a result they have to learn new techniques to handle it.

I bet there’s a lot of people out there who have never even used the bitwise operators.

Again, I’m not saying more memory wouldn’t be a good thing,
but in the words of Adrian Monk “it’s a gift and a curse”.

(Kea Oliver) #71

This is true, when i first started trying to write a game i wrote a 100,100 2d array of ints, and then had slight culture shock.

(Kevin) #72

Didn’t want to make a new thread for this but I just updated the front page with more featured games and easier to find the library documentation.

Any other suggestions for featured games or stuff I should put on the front page? Working on getting the emulator there next…

(Stephane C) #73

Wow,.feels good to see some of the games I worked on there. Thanks.

(Kevin) #74

You deserve it so do a lot of the other developers. I’ve not done a good enough job bringing stuff to the front page!

(Scott) #75

It would be better to link to the Arduboy2 docs main page

instead of the Arduboy2 class page that you’re currently linking to

(Josh) #76

For some reason when I click on Mini Rogue on the front page, it takes me to tackle box. Not sure if this is just my device.

(Stephane C) #77

I confirm it doesn’t here as well.

(Kea Oliver) #78

MiniRogue and Minesweeper link to the wrong places (tacklebox and a non existant page respectively)

(Kevin) #79

Thanks for checking! Fixed!

(J M) #80

Kevin, if you are having trouble picking a microcontroller. STM32 cpus come to mind. But those are a bit over used these days.