State of the Arduboy

(Josh Goebel) #81

Is being popular an anti-requirement now? :slight_smile:

(Pablo E. Cortés) #82

What’s on the list for new features/upgrades that Arduboy2 will have over the original Arduboy?

(Kevin) #83

The only thing actively being developed is the flash memory expansion that @Mr.Blinky has developed.

Still plenty of Arduboys in stock! If you want a new Arduboy then buy more Arduboys!


Maybe time for a Valatines promotion to get rid of some stock ? :wink:

(Pablo E. Cortés) #85

Question. Your goal is to make A $5 Arduboy. I don’t think that’s a bad idea, not at all. However, I worry on how you plan to make that happen. Do you plan to make the Arduboy smaller to fit into that price range, therefore making the screen smaller as well? Or not? Just asking because I understand if the Arduboy2 doesn’t have a larger screen, but it being smaller would definitely worry. I have big hands, and my eyesight is not the best haha. Just asking.

(Kevin) #86

The cheaper version would probably have the same size screen but would switch to an LCD. If you look online there is many examples of very cheap electronics that are not more complicated than Arduboy. I tried to make the product as high quality as possible, and now after 5 years I’ve learned a lot about what is important areas for quality (buttons) and where we could give up a little performance (60hz + refresh is nice but 30hz would be fine)


An post on liliputing describes the introduction of the Micro Arcade line of devices. The new devices are from a company named Super Impulse and are based on the Tetris Microcard with licensed tech. They run a single game and use a color LCD. I can’t tell the processor type from the images. Could these devices be anything like the $5 device?

(Kevin) #88

Oh it seems the cat is out of the bag! Super Impulse licensed the Tetris MicroCard and are also adding other games to the platform. They’ve done some great work to reduce the cost, but I want to go even further! I’m not sure what chip they are using either, but I don’t think its designed for reprogramming by the user, and my guess is coded in assembly. I’m going to NYC Toy Fair this weekend to meet them and find out more!

(Scott R) #89

Normally these arcade game things use a glob top and can be jumped to play the other games.
The images look like photoshopped microcards but it wouldn’t be hard to redesign the tiny arcade hardware to fit in a microcard shell.


Looks awesome! and want one!

Knowing the other games they make use of COB’s (Chip On Board) it’s very likely. But maybe thay will use an actual packaged chip for the micro card (wishfull thinking). Cause that looks much cooler with a clear case.


Just read there will be an Rally X one too! YAY! :heart_eyes: can’t wait to grab one of those :smiley:

(Kevin) #91

Yeah it’s a little curious they chose to distribute photo shopped versions of the MicroCard. And if they were going to do that, they could arguably have done a better job, I know I could have. :cheese:

They actually shared a picture of their hardware with me it actually looks better in some ways because they removed the internal rib structure of the top case meaning it’s all one smooth piece. In their hardware, their screen is of different dimensions that required them to change the orientation of the A and B buttons.

As far as the actual chips, I don’t know. The picture I’ve seen has 2 sot6s on the front, don’t know about the back.

I’ll see them on Sunday and share some pictures from there, probably make a new thread. If you are curious to buy them, so am I… Plan to sell them in the Arduboy store so stay tuned! (Although, you will probably be able to get them all over the place, hopefully!)

(Pharap) #92

They definitely are, they all have the same marks and scratches.

(Scott R) #93

I hope so because the tiny arcade market in the UK is either common models or scalpers.

I would be real interest in the yellow Pac-Man model and how yellow the pcb is.

@bateske can you get access their screens for Arduboy 2?

Yeah I thought cool maybe a new run of tiny arcades.

I was going to chop a Pac-Man Tiny arcade into a portable as it’s not as much fun playing it on the microcard in monochrome but now I can have best of both worlds

(Kevin) #94

I’m not sure the resolution, but I will be talking to them about what hardware they used or if they are interested in telling me who their factory is. :slight_smile:


Sounds like they will put a COB on the back then.

They probably will use one of those 1.8" 128x160 TFT displays in it just like in tiny arcade. These are thicker then OLED displays though so the case need to be a bit higher or they need to cut a hole in the PCB.

Yes MicroArcade with arduboy/ino :smiley:

I wonder if they will keep the Aluminium backplate.

(Holmes) #96

Tell them I’d be happy to make a game for them. :slight_smile: Serious.

(Holmes) #97

I did a mod for one of these…

EDIT: I finished it up!

(Kevin) #98

It looks a bit different, I think.

(Simon) #99

Port of 1943? I would love to help.

(Kevin) #100

I already pushed hard in the beginning to get some Arduboy games onto their platform, or get support from our community on developing new titles but they were mostly interested in bringing the titles they already had licenses for.

In fact I had hoped to be more involved in the process, but that said it really has been great working with them so far.