State of the Arduboy

(Pharap) #101

I.e. they want code that isn’t open source and they can’t be bothered to negotiate closed source licences for games they don’t already own the rights to.

If anyone did submit a game to them it would probably involve signing over all rights to the game.

Maybe I’m being premature with that assumption,
but that’s usually how businesses do things.

That one would definitely have licensing issues.

(Josh Goebel) #102

That is very, very disappointing. It’d be so cool to have essentially a vertical Arduboy with a higher-res full color screen. :slight_smile:

I wrote them an email asking from a developer perspective and we’ll see what they say. I think part of the problem is the 328p has no USB right? So if they aren’t using the 32u4 and they don’t have a USB serial chip then there is no easy way to reprogram anyways?

(Simon) #103

Well the microcard has none of this either but people have managed to reflash it. Not convenient but doable.

(Josh Goebel) #104

Well sure but as soon as you have to tear it apart and get out your wires and soldering iron you’re not turning it from something anyone can do and cutting the possible participants by an order of magnitude if not more. Plus if the “culture” is anti-developer then that’s another consideration. At least Arduboy is a developer friendly culture.

(Simon) #105

As I said, not convenient but doable.

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(Nicole Birgel) #106

Hope these things get an EU release, customs here in germany really isn’t fun

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(Stephane Hockenhull) #107

I like when you got the hand in front and we can’t see the table.
It looks like a normal size cabinet waaaaaaaaaaay far behind.

Like the atari joystick got a 50 foot long cord.


Any update from the show?

(Jon Raymond) #109


It does look like the board has game select jumpers (circled in red).

(Scott R) #110

My thoughts exactly

(Jon Raymond) #111

This is genuine genius.

(Josh Marinacci) #112

I’m late to the party, but what is the reason for point #1, not doing an ARM upgrade? What do you mean by IOT? Do you mean an ARM chip with WiFi built in?