Status: Deserted

We hit 10 likes already! that’s insane, I never thought that this game would hit that this fast, thank you so much!

Edit: The game has now been renamed Status: Deserted.

If I get 30 likes I’ll start developing the game I wanted to see if you enjoyed my idea.

This is a game idea that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now. It’s about space cadet from the far future thats been shot down by enemy ships and crash-landed onto a strange planet. All of his communications to his home hub is broken, and he needs to craft, mine, and explore his surrounding in order to repair his ship and get back home.

No test screenshots yet, and I hope you could help me if I get some bumps on the way. This is going to be a top-down survival game that requires you to get resources and food to survive and repair your broken spaceship.

I really hope you enjoy my idea. More info soon.


This game sounds awesome! i hope it gets developed!

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It wont be worked on for a while, this is just a a little idea. But when I finish it, its gunna be some next gen crap. I’m experimenting with cut-scenes.

Also, this is going to be apart of a series of games, with each game having a different style of gameplay.


I’m getting excited now lol. I really hope this comes out

Just to let you know, this game will be the third installment of a 4 game series.

This is just the first idea, then i fit it into a game series of 4 games, and this one fit in the third spot.

I could post the other 3 ideas if you wish.

Out of interest, what previous programming experience do you have?

some C++ in the past, havnt programmed for a while though

In that case you might want to get through one game before you get too carried away with planning four.

well no dip i realize that

It’ll be about 6 months before i even touch on development

DUDE This is the kind of games I want for the Arduboy!

Kind of like a cross between nes Zelda and robot mechanic for Atari 2600, that sounds awesome.

I love that you enjoy my idea so much! I thank you for you’re support.