Still no tracking number or Arduboy received

Hi, I realise I’m probably being too impatient, but I’m kickstarter backer #1562. A few days ago on the Kickstarter project site Kevin announced all backers up to about #5800 have been emailed tracking details for delivery of their Arduboy. I haven’t received anything to indicate my order’s been processed and sent. It’s very disheartening to see many people have already received theirs, and they have higher backer numbers, non-standard orders, etc. etc.

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Where are you located?

Singpost isn’t the most ideal service to be honest, I buy stuff from China and have to use them regularly and postage can take from 5 to 30 days on average just to hit your country. I received my tracking email 2 days after it had already landed in the UK and it turned up 3 days later. It can be caught up in customs for another week before it actually gets to your local postal service and can then take another roughly 5 days to arrive.

I’m backer 1653 or something like that and it arrived yesterday, so would imagine yours was in the same shipment from the factory so depending on where you are and if you get unlucky with customs, it should be with you in the next few days I would imagine.

*My own experience, I am in no way connected to Arduboy or have any information that should be taken as gospel.

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Hi Ash, I’m in Tasmania (Australia) so international non-courier parcel post is typically slow, e.g. 2-3 weeks from the USA. I guess my worry was the fact I hadn’t received any email yet, but judging by some reports like your own, people are receiving the Arduboy before the email!

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Hey @dherbert,

I did find your name on the list, perhaps your email was among a handful that bounced. I will private message you the tracking number.

Hi ekem,

I am a backer from Germany with a backing number below the 5800. Can you check if my name is also on the list and resend tracking information. I backed for a buddy pack but still got no tracking information.


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Also found, and also sent via pm.

Hehe whoops, it would probably help if I added…

Check your tracking number at

Oh, wow … I just looked and I’m backer number 7,023. Guess I need to sit back and enjoy a few cups of coffee while waiting. :sunglasses:

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I am backer 5653 and I have not received my arduboys or tracking number yet. Can ekem check the list and find my real email address (in the email that I am going to send you my real email address)

Can you send me your email address first using ethancawse@g****.***

hey @ethancawse, no such luck on that email. You can also PM if you like.

What is your email address?

OK my real email address is

Plz check the list and resend the email if you can(-;

Hello, same here, backer #4800 from the United States, and have yet to receive a tracking number or any additional info.

Can you check ccschwab@ gmail and / or PM me the details.

Still no sign of my order.


mmmmh, i had an early bird arduboy and got NO email, too. but it arrived quickly in my mailbox many weeks ago :smirk: and they have all tracking numbers from singapore - so they won’t get lost :wink:

Yeah, bulk emailing is a thing. We’ve got a solution now, I mean you can use mailchimp of course, but thats highway robbery.

No such luck there either Ethan. Hold tight, we are close.

Same thing there too, not quite! @Darrell has the right idea here ; ) I remember when I used to drink coffee for pleasure, and not utility… those were the days!

@ekem - any chance I could get a tracking number? backer 4588 in the uk here?
sorry I know you must be getting fed up these by now