Still no tracking number or Arduboy received

Haha, I’m a community serving robot from the future, I have no emotions.

But… if you want me to check, (if you are a backer number greater than someone checked already, most likely you will be in the next round) go ahead and private message me the email you used with Kickstarer. If you can’t quite remember, a first and last name or address will also be searchable.

I know new users can’t PM yet, but you can respond to the welcome message that I send you when you join, or you can post here and I will either bump your privilege or PM you back.

Hey hey, some people sent some messages to me, that I haven’t responded to, but that’s becase we sent out another batch of emails, so check your inboxes : ) It won’t be everyone, but another 1500 or so emails were sent.

ok will keep a look out for this

still no mail and I note orders in the 7000s being received?

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We found out an error in our emails that we only sent out 1500 emails not the ~6000 we were supposed to send out. So a lot more tracking will go out later today. If you see something funny you can always message me on kickstarter I can see your information a lot easier.

Hang tight we are dealing with an extremely high volume of customer emails right now!

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Anything on #4,343? UK.

For kickstarer units please message us on kickstarter! We want you to get your Arduboy!