Still yet another Arduboy Clone

@eried your repo is everywhere


I need free testing units of ALL those projects using the repo :no_good_man:

However, it seems most of the traffic is direct:

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Because they click on the link once and then bookmark it!

I REALLY need to update the Arduboy website and build in your repo. I need your help doing it.

I’ll pay you with one of these goofy things.

My thoughts:

  • The batteries look like they were bolted on as an afterthought.
  • The modular cards is a nice idea, but I’m not sure it’s been implemented as well as it could have been.
  • I like the shape at least, but once again @SimonMerrett’s GAMOO looks more promising.

I just saw this in the latest Crowdsupply newsletter too. The company behind it is from Shenzen and seems to have a lot of other modular boards available, there’s a list at, and they’ve been selling them for a few years on robotics platforms, mostly. They’re charging $25 for the basic kit with screen, MCU, buzzer, battery pack, and controller base board, which seems like a pretty good deal, although it’s definitely clunkier than the Arduboy card.

…and thinking a little more, with that form factor you could buy multiple MCU boards and just swap them out like cartridges to change games. I also bet you could fab a LiOn or LiPoly battery board fairly easily; they may not stock one right now due to the shipping hassles.

Surprisingly, the Open Game Station got funded. It looks like they dropped the goal from $25K to $3k sometime in the last month, so it passed with $3007 in orders. I put in for a $25 model, so I’ll see how it works when it ships (supposedly in December). Maybe I’ll learn some KiCAD and make my own FX-module for it :slight_smile: