Still yet another Arduboy Clone

@eried your repo is everywhere


I need free testing units of ALL those projects using the repo :no_good_man:

However, it seems most of the traffic is direct:

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Because they click on the link once and then bookmark it!

I REALLY need to update the Arduboy website and build in your repo. I need your help doing it.

I’ll pay you with one of these goofy things.

My thoughts:

  • The batteries look like they were bolted on as an afterthought.
  • The modular cards is a nice idea, but I’m not sure it’s been implemented as well as it could have been.
  • I like the shape at least, but once again @SimonMerrett’s GAMOO looks more promising.

I just saw this in the latest Crowdsupply newsletter too. The company behind it is from Shenzen and seems to have a lot of other modular boards available, there’s a list at, and they’ve been selling them for a few years on robotics platforms, mostly. They’re charging $25 for the basic kit with screen, MCU, buzzer, battery pack, and controller base board, which seems like a pretty good deal, although it’s definitely clunkier than the Arduboy card.

…and thinking a little more, with that form factor you could buy multiple MCU boards and just swap them out like cartridges to change games. I also bet you could fab a LiOn or LiPoly battery board fairly easily; they may not stock one right now due to the shipping hassles.

Surprisingly, the Open Game Station got funded. It looks like they dropped the goal from $25K to $3k sometime in the last month, so it passed with $3007 in orders. I put in for a $25 model, so I’ll see how it works when it ships (supposedly in December). Maybe I’ll learn some KiCAD and make my own FX-module for it :slight_smile:

Guess I’m not the only one who loves cartridges, lol. I’m working on a less clunky DIY clone sorta like this, that my kids can help assemble over in Homemade.

I got an update from Longan Labs via Crowd Supply; they say their units are all currently being shipped to the CS warehouse for fulfillment.

My unit arrived today, and it’s very, very bulky and not really that good. The controls are bare tactile switches. The use of card slots for all the components makes it awkward to hold. The cards aren’t keyed, so you have to be sure to match up pin 1 (which is helpfully marked) before powering things up. The fit is OK, but there’s a little front-to-back motion with the cards.

The CPU board has USB-C port on it, but no power switch. There’s a reset button. I didn’t try using AAA power, as the USB port would power everything, but that left you with no way to restart the game.

Included on the CPU board was a preloaded version of Squario from Squario - The Ultimate Adventure which has unspecified licensing.

I’d definitely not buy this again. I think it could be interesting if you really wanted to swap out one of the boards for your own hardware, but as a form factor for playing games, it leaves a lot to be desired.

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