Stolen? 3d printed case

I designed a case months ago and someone sent me a link of a incredibly similar injection molded case:

I mean it could be a coincidence :sweat_smile: but it is kinda cool anyways

What cloud service did you upload it to? Did you put it up on Thingiverse or something?

What is it for?

If it was at all publicly available doesn’t surprise me too much if it’s for a specific purpose.

Thingiverse, it is for a sdr with a screen. And yes, it is intended to be copied :stuck_out_tongue: but it would be nice to hear from the one making it about the procedure to make the mold, etc

I can see they removed the @eried nick, trim a bit the lcd opening and enlarged 1 hole

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Cool! would be nice if they also gave you a couple of samples.

He sent me a couple :partying_face:

And details how much was the production… which was quite cheap! (around 4k USD for 4000 units including the molds and all).

I can see very rough toolmarks inside, but for that price is very acceptable. Also impressive that it was made with just the .stl files I published in thingiverse (not the source cad)

Nice you got some samples! wow 4K for 4K thats a very good deal.

That’s pretty incredible pricing the only way that makes sense to me is that’s an aluminum mold that will only last for a few thousand units. With a service like that you’d likely be paying for a new mold each time, so that the next production batch would still be $4k.

When you make a tool steel mold it’s usually somewhere between $10 and 20k and is capable of producing hundreds of thousands or millions of units.

Did they say whether you retain ownership of the molds in that service too?

Just for reference, the per unit cost of the plastic parts on Arduboy is only a few pennies.

It might be aluminium, but for most prototypes I guess few thousand units are fine.
But: there is not much assurance on these kind of deals, you would have to have a trip there to be sure :smiley:

Did he use some service on aliexpress? can you share?

He does not sell directly, but this is the item that included the case:

The aluminium mold would be great news :stuck_out_tongue: hahah because he copied the old version of the case which had some minor imperfections. I posted a slightly improved one weeks ago.

Oh I was wondering if he told you his source for the injection molding.

I got the case today. I am just blown away with the quality. It is funny to see the white case against my 3d prints :sweat_smile:

it has some details tho, inside I can see a lot of small scratches and patches (around the ejectors for example), which you dont usually find on commercial stuff like a radio.

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It’s probably not a huge surprise but the quality of the output is directly related to the amount of time they spend cleaning up the mold, or configuring the machine. It’s not complicated work but for cheaper stuff at some point it’s “good enough”.

Also with the softer molds of aluminum thats where you get those scratches and dings real easy.

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Yes, very clean cases

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@eried you must have done a great job with the original CAD for them to produce a moulded version so easily.

Would you be able to find out his factory source? I’m interested too.

No, but he sent me some screenshots of the invoices in case I want to produce stuff, with detailed costs about price of material and such.

Do you want to produce something? I can share the contact of the guy via PM, but I just found out all this because someone from facebook identified the model strangely similar to the one he printed :sweat_smile: so nothing is very trustworthy

it was just the low quality STL lol! that made me more impressed :stuck_out_tongue:

The only crappy part is that I upgraded the design 2 months ago and they used the old ones because the delay on making the mold :confused: (the guy said the whole production took 2 months… so it was just a few days too late) so I actually prefer my printed one for now even when the surface quality and details of the aliexpress one are pristine (also china didnt clone the amazing magnetic cover/stand):

Yep, that’s definitely better! I would be interested in the details via pm, thanks. I understand they’re unlikely to respect IP so I will not use it for anything I wouldn’t be happy to open source!

As an experiment, I also ordered from (they actually have some brochures about how good is their selective laser sintering vs injection molding etc)

The case was 52 EUR and I would prefer this vs a home FDM 3d print, but clearly if anyone here is going to make a device, that chinese mass-production is unbeatable. The weerg SLS would be fine for a couple of units in case you do not want to spend money in a resin printer.

But a 250 USD resin printer achieves better finishing… I mean, come on: the ERW001 canopy for the tiny forklift can easily be confused by a commercial product :smiley:

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What resin printer you using for that?