Stop gap solution for starting development

So depending on how long it is going to take to get dev kit / new hardware out to folks I wondered if it would be worthwhile developing a stop gap solution to get started with development of games with the expanded memory?

I had an idea that we could use the USB serial connection with an app running on a PC to emulate the expanded memory feature. We could create a dummy API as a drop in replacement for @Mr.Blinky’s flashcart API where the PC can serve up the requested data.



It’s a good idea, but I’m not sure Serial would be fast enough.

I guess one alternative would be to buy some Arduino Leonardos and some flash chips,
but that would cost money of course.

I guess that it depends on the game and how it is using the expanded memory? For example if it is a game where levels that are loaded into RAM at start then that should be fine. It would only be timing critical uses which might be too slow.

Even if slow, it might be a low cost solution to get things started without requiring any extra hardware hacking.

I still got a bunch of flashcarts with backplate sets to upgrade existing Arduboys for anyone interested.


How many is a bunch? Maybe its easiest if you send them to me and then I can individually ship them back out and incur the shipping cost?

I can mod some Arduboys send them out we can get this rolling.


about 18-20 I think Have to count them when I get home.


If you’ve got so many, we could essentially just prototype everything on those units. I guess unless we add any other functionality to the games like link support, which I wouldn’t be able to test on my own with one unit, anyway.

Ok cool I guess send me 10 then and I’ll assemble them :smiley:

I’ve got 17 sets (15 white and 2 blue backplates) with flashcarts in miscellanous colors.

OK I’ll send you 10 sets. Any preference for color? just choose :slight_smile:

Do you have an USBasp programmer with 10 pin IDC connector? I could include a a cable (with or without a USBasp) to make programming the units easier

Please PM me the address you want me to ship them to.


Anything but pink. :P

I want pink. I am pretty girly, so I’d love it.

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The shipment just made it through customs, I suppose I’ll get it next week and begin sending them out after Christmas sometime.

@Mr.Blinky told me that the perfboard and 90 deg headers need to be fabbed so I’ll probably need to slap those in there too. Unless you can tell me that you can handle that part yourself? Could ship it a few days sooner then.

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Spoiler alert. This is whats in the kit:

A small piece of 1.25" x 0.6" perfboard and some 30AWG wire is additionally needed.

perfboard :

To get an impression of what needs to be done:

you need to pull one pin out and cut the excess leads at the bottom (you want the solder bobs to be as low as possible)

inserting the flashcart and taping it down is recommended when cutting and soldering the pins:

When using the original battery the white bracket needs to be cut in half and depending on how the 3D print variation and your soldering job. The little tab on top may need some sanding (this tab wil make the cart sit firmly in the slot)

After that it’s soldering the 7-10 wires:

This is only a test


Well shit on the floor, it fuckin works, son.


Daaaamn nice!​​​​​​​​

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If you click on it, it works. Maybe I could add a “click to play” screen so it grabs focus? And I have to disable the Esc button.

The arrow keys work, but it scrolls the page for me, in chrome.

Ah, I see. I’ll try to disable that too, then.

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