Strategy, like old good games from 1990?

Checking the Arduboy games can’t find any strategy.
I remember few excellent games from 1990, my childhood on zx spectrum machine with Z80 CPU, 3,5Mhz, 48/128к RAM and simple gfx 256×192 that it’s very close to today simplest microcontrollers )
only assembler used for programming that days and even machine codes

nether earth -
space crusade -
black raven -
rebelstar -

probably there is something like this on Arduboy…
could you give an advice?

I think the closest example to this is:

There are a couple tower defense games:

And not a battle strategy but there is city building:

Not sure if it’s quite what you’re looking for but:

Can’t find what you like? You can write your own!


Thank’s everybody. It’ will take time to check all this games )
They are all awesome!
Probably some day i’ll roll up my sleeves to code old lovely multiplayer rebelstar, but first i have to finish current projects and level up my C++ skills )

did you see DOOM at atmega328p?

it could run on arduboy also i suppose

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I have seen this before but it says ’ This is not an actual Doom game , just picked some sprites from it (and simplified a lot), But the rendering engine is more like a Wolfeistein 3D.’

Is it a playable game?

Raycasting has been possible on the Arduboy since the days of the devkits.

And later, some more advanced stuff:

But so far all the raycasters have made it to the phase where they can draw some fancy stuff,
they’ve never actually got to the state where they’re a playable game.

I am still on it. Recently reworking some code to free more memory for game menu and the like. Also still lacking a good story.
My spare time is rare but I give me best to finish it.:sweat_smile:
Generally it is a good shape. The last 20% are the hardest.

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Have you published the code at all?

No not yet. I want to release it as full game and not as tech demo. Probably there will be a chance to use external memory for more content so I can use the progmem for more engine features.

Shame, if you’d published the unfinished code then someone (or I) could have had a quick skim to see if they (or I) could spot some memory savings.

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