Suggest to me some games

(Liam) #1

So I’ve been playing Dark and Under and all the usual retro games that are on here like space invaders, pac-man, tetris, pong, est. Any suggestions to what I can play after dark and under?

Hit me up and let me know!

(Holmes) #2

Several threads have been made to suggest good Arduboy games. Check out my suggestions!

(Simon) #3

If you want something that will keep you going for a while, can I suggest @crait’s Circuit Dude or my Lode Runner as these have plenty of levels and challenges.

(Pharap) #4

Depends what kind of games you’re looking for.

If you like Puzzle games and don’t get bored with repetitiveness,
Minesweeper is a good choice (completely not biased).

There’s literally hundred of games to choose from.

(Miloslav Číž) #5

Some of my recent personal favorites: