Suggestions for helping/improving the Arduboy magazine

(Scott R) #1

Maybe here lays part of a problem. If there was a magazine section on the forum we the people could question the developers and then the editors can have their pick.

Developers wanted!
(Pharap) #2

Do you mean host Q&A/AMA topics on the forums or have a topic where forum users submit questions that they’d like to ask the developers?

(Scott R) #3

A bit of a Q&A for anyone offering and also somewhere general chitter chatter and questions could be put forward.

So let’s say @JayGarcia doesn’t open a Q&A but I’m a huge Evade fan. I could open my own topic and spam him with questions he may or may not answer me but it would also stop me spamming and filling the Evade release thread that could potentially hit its post limit.

Or we could open a topic on let’s say “boot() vs begin()” everyone chime in and so on.

But then again as I write I realised we could just use general area…

Or let’s say the magazine makes announcement post “this month we are interviewing @Gaveno

I could then put some questions forward and if they make the grade see the replies in the magazine the following month.

(Jay Garcia) #4

@Keyboard_Camper <3!!!

I can help on the Answer side. Still behind schedule w/ even updating :frowning:

LMK how I can help w/ this. TBH, I’m still very passionate about the game & the work we did (music and all), but can’t run w/ this entirely.

Developers wanted!
(Pharap) #5

Summary of ideas (for people who hate text walls):

  • Magazine category on forums
  • Q&A threads for asking questions to volunteers
  • ‘Wanted articles’ list
  • ‘Article suggestions’ topic

Whatever ideas get implemented I think the magazine definitely deserves its own category.
Partly to keep the magazine topics together, and partly to accomodate any of these suggestions if they happen.
Only admins can create categories so it would be up to @bateske himself to decide whether to add it (since all the other admins are bots).

I think the idea of the magazine creating topics saying “this month we are interviewing X, post your questions here” would be better.

And then which questions were picked remains a secret so people have a reason to read the magazine (to find out which questions were picked).

At the very least, questions should only be directed at people who have stated they’re happy to be asked.

One way to do it would be if people who are happy to be asked questions created a topic in the magazine category (e.g. “[Q&A] Ask @Keyboard_Camper”), wait for questions to fill up and then when there are enough questions, the magazine authors (@arduboymag & @Celinebins) to pick someone to get answers from.

Though one potential downside to that would be that it might flood the recent posts section if there was a lot of activity.

So maybe it would be better to just create a new “looking for Q&A volunteers” each time, have people volunteer and then set up specific Q&A threads for the people who are picked.

While I think of it, I remember discussing with @filmote the idea of the magazine having a “wanted material” list where they list topics that they’d like articles about so people can offer to do the articles.

I think part of the reason more people don’t contribute is that they just don’t know what to write.

Couple that with an “article suggestion” topic so forum users could submit article suggestions and it should (hopefully) provide a decent stream of material.

(fred ) #6

I’d be into a mod section. It would be cool to see the things people have done to make the arduboy their own.

Custom paint jobs
3D printed buttons and cases
I have seen nice leather carrying cases, would like to see that featured

(Celine) #7

Yasss all of these ideas are great! Thank you for sharing and everyone for discussing!

Yes that would be nice, esp if we will be opening topics for discussion and getting Q&A from the community.

Agreed… We’ll just paste the magazine link

Yes true

Good idea. We have a current #arduboy last page, pixel page and dev qn page, so this mod page can also be one of the ‘standard’ articles each issue.

Moving forward the magazine would not be published every month, so probably done quarterly (or possibly once in 2 months)

(Celine) #8

We are actively looking for contributors! Send PM for more details!

  • Pixel artists
  • Technical articles
  • Game dev interviews

Or if you have an idea share it with us! :bulb:

(Pharap) #9

I really want to contribute something but I’m stretched too thinly again.