Suit Shooter - A Falling Block Shooter

Suit Shooter - v 2.0

SuitShooter.hex (46.9 KB)

Launch suits of cards at falling cards in order to create matches and score points. Watch out, though! Missing cards will hurt you! The cards start out falling slowly, but get faster as you score more points and regain health.


A: Lauch current card
B: Pause
Up/Down: Change row
Left/Right: Change Suit
B + Up: Erase high score data


Download Sketch:
Download HEX:
You can also download it using my Arduboy Manager!


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2.0: November 25, 2016

  • Updated the gameplay graphics, making it easier to see and play
  • You now start with 5 lives instead of 4
  • Fixed some other bugs

1.2: September 10, 2016

  • Added pause function (B)

1.1: September 9, 2016

  • Switched to standard get()/put() for storing data into EEPROM
  • Removed title and instruction screen from repeating
  • Elaborated on instructions and controls
  • Added the option to erase game data (B + Up)

1.0: September 6, 2016

  • Initial Release

While the hex is great, providing the source to your game on Github ensures all platforms can easily build, compile and play your game using standard, out of the box Arduino tools; most likely for more than 25 years, maybe even forever. A personal domain can rarely provide the longevity of a bigger organization.

I totally understand! I’m working on a mirror for my projects, but I won’t be using GitHub. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about in the mean time? They allow private repositories.

It’s pretty easy to add it as another remote:

git add remote bitbucket git@bitbucket:<user>/<project>.git

I usually have a few places I might distribute to, doesn’t hurt to include bitbucket : )

ekem@scandium ~/Projects/blank-provision
 % git remote -v
local   /home/git/blank-provision.git (fetch)
local   /home/git/blank-provision.git (push)
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

Nah, I’m thinking something different. I’ll post more about it later on.

Alright, well maybe in the meantime some instructions for uploading a hex I guess? Got a link?

The broken link in the topic was removed, feel free to add a link to the source when it’s all working : )

Ugh… I had named the file incorrectly when uploading it to my site. I fixed it, now.

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You can also use GitLab it allows private repo’s and it looks and functions more like github. I think easier than bitbucket.

Just released 2.0 which includes bug fixes, but mostly focuses on making the game look a lot better! Prettier graphics and effects make it easier to see while playing. :wink:

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Hi Crait, cool games! Any interest in working on a game like this? LOOT - Epic Dungeon!

There is a good start on it::