Super Ardu Bros. v0.1.0 beta

Super_Ardu_Bros_v0.1.0_beta.hex (52.3 KB)


I’m fairly new to this community and don’t post much, but I’ve had a project a long time in the making. By no means am I an expert programmer-I just really like the Arduboy and wanted to make a game for it!

I’m releasing a beta version of my project Super Ardu Bros., something that will be as close to the original Super Mario Bros. as possible on this device. Compatible with the original (not FX) model!

There are obvious collision and gameplay issues (infinite jumping :sweat_smile:) but I hope you see the direction I’m heading in with this. The next build will feature sub areas, better collision, and maybe inverted graphics for different level themes.

Of course, I couldn’t forget to mention that none of this would be possible without the help of @Pharap This member got in touch with me and has shown me programming concepts that I never thought were possible. Without their constant advice and checking in, this project would have stagnated and fallen apart a long time ago! The technical knowledge of this individual cannot be understated. Big thanks!!


Excellent work! Cannot wait to see this complete.


Thank you! I’ll do my best!


You cannot go wrong recreating these classic games!

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This has some serious potential! Nice job with the art!

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Thank you so much! I think the greyscale flickering is convincing enough on actual hardware :slight_smile: Stay tuned!