Super Ardu Bros. v0.2.0 beta

Super_Ardu_Bros_All_Levels_Build_2.ino.leonardo.hex (63.4 KB)

Super_Ardu_Bros._v0.2.0_Screenshot          Super_Ardu_Bros._v0.2.0_Screenshot_2

After some time, I’m now ready to release the second build of my game, Super Ardu Bros. This game has been a long time in the making for me, and I changed the course of this update to take advantage of something I find very exciting for the Arduboy–greyscale!

Thanks to the work of @brow1067, I have been able to convert the graphics of this game to make it look much more like the original it’s based on. I’m still making sure it will be compatible with all Arduboy hardware regardless of FX chip. I’ve also included @Botisaurus’s Tinyfont, which gives me more screen space!

You’ll notice that the gameplay is still unfinished, though I’m getting closer. All sub areas are finished and included, but currently inaccessible as the code still needs to be tweaked. Please provide feedback on how to improve the visuals if you have ideas. Chances are, I’m already aware of the major flaws present in my code :grin:


The black background I think is important for the Arduboy so that is something to consider.
Also, doesn’t seem to work on the emulator? I’m guessing that is the grayscale? Do we have an ability to run the simulator in iframe?

Also you can post the source too if you’d like tips. Very interesting!

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Play with arduboy_sim: debugger / player

I’ve tested putting it in an iframe inside of a post but it didn’t make it through. It might be a site setting you can adjust?

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Nice job! I’m glad you were able to get the grayscale working well!

On first glance, it looks like you are using L4_Contrast mode. In slow motion the display is doing this:
Every other frame is at 50% brightness which contributes to a decrease in overall image brightness.

I have other reservations about this mode and personally recommend L4_Triplane if you can afford the 50% additional sprite memory required.

This is artstyle dependent though – if the brightness isn’t an issue and you don’t have many instances of light gray immediately adjacent to dark gray, it may be fine.

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That game makes me want to revisit Trials of AstaroK and make it use the greyscale!


It would look awesome … I am happy to revisit the game after Dark and Under II is done.


Yes, I am working in L4_Contrast mode! I believe I started with L4_Triplane but wanted to be sure I had the space to fit my graphics. I would be willing to experiment again if I’m able to spare it.

I see your point on having a black background, and that’s how it originally looked. I think it’s in a much better place now but your point is noted.

And yes, I’m unsure why it doesn’t work in the online emulator. I hope to resolve that somehow!

Ahhhh! This looks so good! Great job with this!