Super Arduboy

Iā€™m developing a Super Arduboy. It will use a 2.42" OLED Display (SSD1309). The directional pad will be an arcade stick. The A and B buttons will be arcade buttons.

Some new features I plan to add once the parts arrive:

  1. Volume knob
  2. Pause Button
  3. Invert Screen button
  4. Reset Button
  5. Headphone Jack
  6. Arduino Pro Micro but with a Mini USB Jack for stronger connector

The 2.42 inch screen can be magnified using a Phone Screen Magnifier.

Anyone else have ideas for new features?


Still using a leonardo-like board with a 32u4 chip or something more up-market?

The main chip running the games will be 32u4. It might be possible to use another board in order to upload games and save/load states.


A stereo speakers and power it from a power bank with 18650 cells?

You could replace the RGB LED with a NeoPixel stick, or two?

I can tell you that the assembly code portions of the library compiled fine for me on an ATmega2560 if you wanted to make it Super-Mega! :slight_smile:


Border rgb lighting?