Super Crate for the Arduboy? [Solved]

Hey guys, would this be a tough game to develop? Is there a game that’s similar out there? I can try and develop but I know nothing about coding.

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if that is something you think about…

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OH yeah! That looks sweet, thank you!

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Time to change that:

If you need more resources, just ask.
If you have any specific questions, make a new thread and ask.

No idea what you mean by default bootloader,
but ECOMD is a Team ARG game and it is open source

‘flashlight’ mode isn’t part of the bootloader, it’s part of the Arduboy2 library.

They have their own library (ArgLib), but it exists because they made it before Arduboy2 was created.

A lot of their old games could be updated to include the new features or even use Arduboy2, it’s just a matter of time.

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might wanna try but I wasn’t doing something too creative with the community right now.
Thanks for the tip.

@Pharap @CDR_Xavier FYI ECOMD is using the Arduboy2 library …

We switched all our games from ARGlib to Arduboy 2 a year ago.

PS: but if you didn’t download the game from our website, you might not have the latest version.


This is a pretty sweet game and I’m new to using an Arduboy, but damn this game’s hard!


Thanks for the bit of info.
Now we are talking.
Already trying things out…
This game is…sick! I like the pump shotgun.


I know, I was just explaining why ARGLib exists and why not all Team ARG games use Arduboy2.

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