Tackle Box - a fishing adventure

This game is awesome, legend of the river king vibes for days! How small did you squeeze the map in the end?


Thanks! Glad you like it!

I ended up never compressing the map. I’m sure it can be done, maybe using @drummyfish’s new vector approach. But I ultimately decided I’m pretty happy with the game as-is and just decided to move on.

Haha, doh. Whenever you make a release on github they automatically include a zip file of the entire repo, so yeah that zip file has a lot of stuff in it. Ah well.

I dont blame you, something to look into if you ever decide to do something similar with a much bigger map.

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:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Hope you don’t mind but I did some fanart!



Hope you like it :smiley:


I want to live in the 2 bit world you create

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Like it? It’s bloody fantastic! :heart_eyes:


Huzzah! :smiley: Loved your idea of a bear running a shop and just ran with it. Let me know if you work on any future fishy games, I’d love to collab :D.

And oh you @bateske, one day, one day!

I just realized it’s 1 bit.

Haha, wow that’s a first :smiley: I just thought you did a typo due to my username!

Now that’s some high praise right there!

I know I’m late to the party, but mannn, i never really got into the River King games, but this game (dare I say :stuck_out_tongue: ) just has me hooked! It’s just the right mix of bite sized and addicting as hell… I’ve even fished enough to buy/unlock everything already (which can be where a game tops out for me) but I can’t bring myself to stop playing til I’ve figured out how to catch every type of fish. Great work!

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whoa, excellent pun. Thanks, glad you like the game!

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Boom, boom!     


Added this to http://arduboy.ried.cl

Repo does not has support for mixed licenses so it will be left as “propietary” for now

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That’s putting it mildly.

The graphics licencing is somewhat tangled,
and the main part of the licence file is outright contradictory.

At the top it says:

The source code that makes up Tackle Box, including the C++ code in the src directory and the JavaScript code in the various tools directories is licensed under the MIT license. The license is included below. Feel free to use the source code for any purpose, commercial or not.

But later it says:

You are free to distribute the complete game to anyone, as long as you:

  • do not alter it in any way.
  • include a credit to Matt Greer and preferably a link to this repo
  • do not charge money for it

After which it’s just the standard MIT licence,
which in turn contradicts all three of the above points and would have to be reworded to properly account for them.

@city41, could you clear up what the intention is here?

On top of that I’m not sure the graphics mentioned were even created by @drummyfish,
if they were I would have expected they’d be under CC0,
in which case their licencing wouldn’t be an issue.
Instead it appears that they might actually be from Arduventure?

Yeah, I glanced the repo for few seconds and it just smelled propietary to me :stuck_out_tongue:

But the game looks tight, I was just looking around for missing games to feed the repo

Great little game!
https://retroachievements.org/ just supported Arduboy and I made the set for Tackle Box!
I’m still super interested if an FX version ever got made!! :grin: Thanks @city41


Wow I wonder how many people are experiencing Arduboy games through RetroArch or similar.

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