Tackle Box FX Development

Ah very good, fonts at smaller sizes are always a fickle beast. Q, W, M, and E, always impetuously rearing their unwanted presence! If only we could live without them, alas.

So just going to dive into mocking out some stuff, should I be wary or take not of abiding by a tile system. I remember being told the arduboy has no real tiling system? But thought I’d better ask anyway, some of the items I’ve seen in the game already seem to lightly or not so lightly abide by 8x8 tiling.

Also I have some concepts rattling in the ol’ noggin which will be fun to get out onto that arduboy resolution. Perhaps adding a few more locals in one place… :smiley: .

Yeah, some letters are painful at low res. Those fonts I made are not set in stone, I just did them quickly. More my change was about adding ability to do any fonts we want. Just need to make a png like this

And any other punctuation, lower case, etc, is easy to add.

The Arduboy itself has no concept of tiles. But most games use tiles anyway because they are easy to work with. We might be able to not use tiles, but there is a risk that something about the FX makes us go back to a tile system (for example, maybe we can’t pull a full screen of graphics fast enough? I dunno, just guessing).

For things like the shop, NPC screens, etc, don’t worry about tiles at all. Those can definitely be free form. For the map, not sure to be honest. But if you want to do some map stuff, I can take a look and see about getting what you do to work. The more freedom you have the better, so we want to shoot in that direction as much as possible.

Interesting, I will take a look. I’m curious what new features you’re using. I gotta run now though.

@2bitcrook do you have a github account? I was thinking of setting up a project board there to track things. Or do you have a Trello account? Could do a trello board instead.

I have neither haha! I can see about setting up a Trello account. I have a friend who uses it quite a bit and has always had positive things to say about it.

Yeah trello is great.

Cool, I’ll set up a board tonight.

ok trello board created, and for now I moved the repo to private. Not that it’s that big a deal, but might as well since they are now free.

It depends how secret @bateske wants to keep this.

Public repos are certainly a potential leak point.
Maybe not the odd repo, but if everybody here made a public “My Game FX” repo then someone would notice.

Let’s not forget that several people managed to (presumably independently) find the Ardugirl page,
and there were no internal links to that page, it could only be found via web search.

Just a vague update since FX talk has been so quiet lately.

@2bitcrook and I have been plugging away at TB FX. We have increased the scope a bit from our original plans so still have a long ways to go. But I think getting it done by July-ish will be no problem.