Taking an Arduboy on a Plane?

Has anyone succeeded in taking an Arduboy on an airplane through American TSA? Would they think it was dangerous? Will the X-rays do anything bad to my Arduboy? I’m new to the world of Arduino but love my Arduboy too much to leave it at home for a week. Just nervous because it got stuck in US Customs for a long while during shipping.

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I’ve taken then with me several dozen times without any issue. I may or may not have taken a bunch in checked luggage too, but this is not advised as technically you are not supposed to have products containing lithium ion batteries in your checked baggage.

X-rays will not damage the Arduboy.


I’ve taken mine several times when I flew and it was was totally fine! :smiley:


I have passed thru US (the most paranoid place) with 5 of them on a ziploc bag without issues.

They are not aware that it is a bomb. A bomb of fun :joy:


LOL don’t let them hear you say that


That settles it, my next Arduboy game is going to be bomb themed.

Perhaps an Arduboy version of “Keep talking and nobody explodes”?


Or you could complete minesweeper? :grin:

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I could, but I don’t think that will upset customs anywhere near as much.

Thanks for the info, everyone!

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They still allow people to bring vapes with batteries on the plane, and the battery is the only component that might be an issue. Likely they’d not do anything, at most just ask you what it was although it looks so much like a Gameboy that they’d likely assume it’s a game console.

Just make sure you don’t have any dangerous nail clippers though.

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In fairness, some vapourisers have a small circuit to protect the battery from various issues (or so I’m told).

You may well laugh, but one day the newspaper headline will read:

“Jack the nipper hijacks plane with nail clippers,
threatens to give pilot a really bad manicure if he doesn’t turn plane around”


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From what I’ve seen from EDC’ers in the states is it’s hit and miss with TSA.

The normal recommendation seems to be with anything your a bit iffy with is take some prepaid packaging so you can post it home rather than hand it over.

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The Arduboy has a battery protection chip on the circuit board.

The battery also doesn’t have enough stored energy for a thermal event. At most you’ll get some sparks and potentially some smoke/gas in the event of a catastrophic failure.

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I’ll be taking mine from the UK to Portugal in October, I take an Anker 5 port charger with me, and I’ll most certainly be playing it on the plane.

I’m not worried about it going through X-ray machines at the airport.

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