Tamagotcha v0.1 (Game Jame 3)

What do you do when you find an alien organism chilling in your backyard?

You take care of it, of course!

…Easier said than done, though, when their entire vocabulary was apparently derived from a vocabulary test.

Welcome to Tamagotcha! Inspired, of course, by the classic Tamagotchi games, this game will have you scrambling to expand your vocabulary as you attempt to take care of your new alien friend.


Make sure to attend to all of your alien’s needs - fun, hunger, ~spaaaace~, and cleanliness - but what the heck is a rondure, anyway?

Download the code here!
Hex file and emulator (thank you @ardubeast!):

(Let me know if I messed anything up; this is my first time uploading anything to the site. ^^")


  • text scrolling is kind of weird and displays the other lists next to the one you’re on. This is purely cosmetic, however.
  • for some reason, two of my functions (evolve and ending) only print their associated line of text and do nothing else. (They’re both supposed to also perform a series of drawRect() and draw some images, but… They’re towards the end of the functions.h file, if anyone wants to take a look.)

Could you also post an.hex file? I would do it but have no access to a computer for a while.

Finally, an interesting virtual pet!

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how do i post a .hex? i think i got the file, but i don’t know how to actually… share it with people.

(ah, the joys of being a total noob. )

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One option is to add the .hex to your git repository, and then share a link to it that way.

Note: When viewing non-text files on a git repository website you should get the option for viewing a ‘raw’ version of the file. You actually want to share a link to this ‘raw’ version of the .hex file since it will trigger a file download rather than a web page view.

As an added bonus, if you get a raw file link, then you can play your game online with the awesome ProjectAbe emulator. Here is a sample link to give you the idea https://felipemanga.github.io/ProjectABE/?url=https://src-code.simons-rock.edu/git/Ardubeast/PlanetGrayCode/raw/master/hex/PlanetGrayCode.1.0.hex


And if you don’t already have a .hex file, then you can create one from the Arduino IDE via a menu option like Export compiled Binary.

You can now find a copy of Tamagotcha’s .hex file (and an online ProjectABE emulator link) on the Game Jam 3 polling page: [POLL] Game Jam 3 Vote!

If the original game links are not working, then you can use the following links to play the game: