Team ARG disappeared- how to get their games?

I think I do somewhere in a backup, I’ll have to check my other PC and external drives. I’ll report back here if I find them.

I found 10 or so teamarg .arduboy files on my cloud, I pm’d you

Awesome! I really want to play Mystic Balloon.

…I think there might be a need for some maintenance… Maybe you could open them up for a month and see? Or allow a few trusted contributors commit rights?

It took me a little while before I realised what you were talking about because I hadn’t got around to reading the other posts yet.

My original intent for the museum had been to simply retain the files as they were without changes, but this really throws a spanner into the works. (I suppose I shouldn’t have called it a museum if I didn’t want to act as curator…)

This is going to be a very awkward problem to fix because it’s more wide-spread than just the ‘museum’.

Even if I stripped the QR codes out from the source and .hex files hosted by the museum, there’s still lots of other places that will need to be fixed.

  • The .hex files already uploaded to the forum
    • Someone with permission to edit posts like @MLXXXp or myself will have to rectify that
  • The .hex files hosted on @eried’s repo
    • This will require somebody to create a fork that updates all the .hex files and @eried to merge the change
  • The .hex files being shipped with the ‘gold cart’ (or whatever it’s called)

Worst of all, these games are going to be pre-loaded on every single FX that’s being shipped, so @bateske needs to know about this ASAP so he can stop using the old files at the earliest opportunity, lest we end up with more disgruntled customers.

The easiest solution by far would be if someone could buy the domain name so we could either put the site back to how it was before or make it forward to a new location.

Unfortunately, that’s going to be more of a problem now than it would have been before @JO3RI sold it, because we need to find out who owns the domain now before anything else, and if it’s someone dodgy there’s a good chance they either won’t sell or they’ll charge ridiculous prices for it.

For now I have made a big, scary announcement about the situation as a precaution.


All 25 games have had their QR codes removed.
I’ve also removed all links that I could see from the README files.

There’s still some comments in the repos that have links to the old Team ARG website and some still have the QR codes as images in their art/assets folders, and there’s probably a few in some of the games that didn’t have QR codes, but I’ll have to mop those up later.

At least now there’s some .hex files without the QR codes so other people can start replacing the .hex files that are out in the wild.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to do anything else towards this today (at least not until much later) because I’ve now got to hurry off to do the things that I should have been doing instead of deleting QR codes.


My repo does not has any of these hex files. Unless somebody submitted them and I did not notice.

I don’t have @crait games either. Both of them (crait & team arg) contacted me years ago saying that I should not host their games in the repository, and it has been like that forever.

edit: now all those games are orphan and repoless, shame but also lol.

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If you can point me at the fixed .hex files I can change them in the thread posts.

I’ll update the goldcart in the second production batch too.

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Ah, I forgot about that. Seems a shame, and a bit daft really.
Especially when they’re included in the ‘gold cart’ now.

Historyless, but not repoless.

The .hex files will be in the releases sections of the 25 games that I listed earlier:

I tagged all the releases as qr-removal so it’s probably possible to automate the retrieval by just grabbing all the releases tagged as qr-removal, though I have no clue what tools you’d need to do that.

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I think this probably has more to do with maintainability (bug fixes, feature improvements, etc). It’s hard to maintain project let alone keep track of all the locations it’s hosted (you might get complains about a bug from a user who got your game from an unofficial location and that bug has long since been fixed).

Though if that were the case perhaps they didn’t know about the repo’s support for linking to an external location for the hex file (rather than hosting a copy of it directly). This can be great as long as the link is to a “latest release” copy instead of a specific version. It would free the dev from having to update the repo while still getting the benefit of, possibly, greater visibility.

Sadly with no official distribution channel for games it does make it harder find specific titles. At least since TeamARG no longer exists it doesn’t seem like there would be much harm in at least linking to the museum copies from eried’s repo. Other devs that have expressly requested not to have their games hosted in the repo would not be able to though (but again maybe there’s just a misunderstanding about the ability to link to a game rather than hosting a copy of it).

If the reasoning is beyond the simple maintainability issue then I think it seems kind of petty IMHO, but to each their own. Each dev is free to release/distribute their projects as they so choose (open/closed source, allow/disallow modification, allow/disallow redistribution, etc).

I have to ask, with the game sizes involved, why doesnt someone just collect all the games and create a torrent file? One download, done!

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t even have a torrent client, and frankly I for one couldn’t be bothered to install one just for grabbing a game bundle.

I would expect that just zipping them all up into a .zip or .tar.gz file and using a normal download would have much the same effect.

Honestly surprised you never torrent, that said, the games are so small, a zip file could easily be sent around.

I dont get why it hasnt happened L

If you want all most of the games, why would you just clone @eried’s repo? Then you can just refresh it as games are added / updated.

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Really? Why?

They could. There’s nothing stopping anyone from doing so.
I think the main reason people don’t do it is simply because games tend to be released and acquired one at a time.

Unfortunately Eried’s repo doesn’t contain Team ARG’s games because they specifically asked not to have their games hosted on it.

(Though to be honest, the only thing preventing it is courtesy. Legally there’s no problem with hosting the games, as long as the rules of the licence are followed.)

For most other things it works well though.

I did cross all out.

Honestly surprised you never torrent

Really? Why?

As a netizen it just seems like something everyone does, if not regularly then at least occasionally.

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Super glad @Pharap has preserved these games. I had a baby and started a career in DevOps and have not had the hobby time I used to. As far as I’m concerned go ahead and host the games wherever. Out of respect for the artists, please don’t convert code back to graphics and use them without permission from them. But as far as the code (at least that I worked on) go ahead and do whatever with it.

Joeri was pretty particular about how the games were hosted, but as far as I’m aware he’s pretty well exited the gaming space.

Edit: Saw the Mystic Balloon bit, I created most of the gameplay graphics and @castpixel made them much better as well as creating the title screen if I remember correctly.


It will be great to have the TeamARG games on @eried’s site.

That’s one among many reasons why I’m insistant that the ‘museum’ makes as few changes to the original code/repo as possible.

If other people want to make forks or someone wants to host their own copies of the games, they’re well within their rights to do so - the licences give them that right.

Editing those notices in was on my todo list, but as often happens my todo list starts overflowing and I forget things. I’ll try to get around to doing it sometime soon.