Team ARG disappeared- how to get their games?

@Pharap Did you still have access to the manuals for these tools? They aren’t included in the Museum’s repositories.

If you mean the Team A.R.G. bitmap converter tools, see this post and the one that follows it:

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Thanks. Yeah, I downloaded the zips from GitHub and the tools themselves work, but each tool had a Manual page explaining how to name the files, dimension requirements, etc. It looks like those weren’t included in the repos.

There are alternatives All The Arduboy Image Converters

I personally think is the best by @zeduckmaster

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guys! the team arg website isn’t down! only the fron’t page doesn’t exist! the games can be fetched from here:

oh. they nuked the git repository…

Which are you referring to?

Probably Escaper Droid

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does Escaper Droid finished? don’t see it in to play )

It runs but it has no functional gameplay. It looks like its based off some MSX game.

It was most likely inspired by Alien 8 :heart:


That’s the one! Nice find! It seems like several of the unfinished games are based off MSX titles.

yes it runs and there are few rooms and enemies and artifacts but gameplay was not finished as i see. and it really looks like zx Spectrum “Alien 8” from my childhood )

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Does anyone have any of the original .arduboy files? The only one I have is Blob Attack and a hex of Sky Knights.

I think I do somewhere in a backup, I’ll have to check my other PC and external drives. I’ll report back here if I find them.

I found 10 or so teamarg .arduboy files on my cloud, I pm’d you

Awesome! I really want to play Mystic Balloon.

…I think there might be a need for some maintenance… Maybe you could open them up for a month and see? Or allow a few trusted contributors commit rights?

It took me a little while before I realised what you were talking about because I hadn’t got around to reading the other posts yet.

My original intent for the museum had been to simply retain the files as they were without changes, but this really throws a spanner into the works. (I suppose I shouldn’t have called it a museum if I didn’t want to act as curator…)

This is going to be a very awkward problem to fix because it’s more wide-spread than just the ‘museum’.

Even if I stripped the QR codes out from the source and .hex files hosted by the museum, there’s still lots of other places that will need to be fixed.

  • The .hex files already uploaded to the forum
    • Someone with permission to edit posts like @MLXXXp or myself will have to rectify that
  • The .hex files hosted on @eried’s repo
    • This will require somebody to create a fork that updates all the .hex files and @eried to merge the change
  • The .hex files being shipped with the ‘gold cart’ (or whatever it’s called)

Worst of all, these games are going to be pre-loaded on every single FX that’s being shipped, so @bateske needs to know about this ASAP so he can stop using the old files at the earliest opportunity, lest we end up with more disgruntled customers.

The easiest solution by far would be if someone could buy the domain name so we could either put the site back to how it was before or make it forward to a new location.

Unfortunately, that’s going to be more of a problem now than it would have been before @JO3RI sold it, because we need to find out who owns the domain now before anything else, and if it’s someone dodgy there’s a good chance they either won’t sell or they’ll charge ridiculous prices for it.

For now I have made a big, scary announcement about the situation as a precaution.