Team ARG racing game

Being a racing game fan, I was particularly excited to see Team ARG working on one. However having a check earlier it seems to have been removed from the website. Does anyone know anything about this or can anyone shed some light on the situation?

Pico Racers maybe?

Thanks! That was the exact game that I meant. I check the forums quite often so I don’t know whether I missed it or if it was just unannounced, I was just surprised to not see anything.

I have no idea.
I just skimmed their Github to see if anything looked like a racing game.

It seems incomplete :open_mouth: (no sound, no gameplay)

Yeah, I thought that at the time, its is only one line and I’m sure I saw a //TODO: comment.

Hi all,

yeah we have been working on Pico Racers, but the coder working on it suddenly quit TEAM a.r.g. … so now we have an unfinished game and nobody to code it, because all other coders are working on other games like:

  • Fantasy Rampage
  • Hordes & Helmets
  • Outpost Defence

on longer terms:

  • Arduventure
  • StarFlight
  • Escaper Droid
  • Pico Racers

Does anyone plan on continuing escaper droid? I saw a video and it looks really awesome.

I’m currently working on Escaper droid, but it’s a game on longer terms.