Team ARG Tools hosted by Filmote

Those fonts probably aren’t available (by default) on Linux because they have proprietary licences.

(Not that it’s likely to be the root of the problem of course.)

It’s a bit of effort but I’d advise reworking the layout to use CSS flexbox.
I’ve dabbled in making my own website and found it’s a lot easier than messing around with things like float and z-index.
There’s a pretty good explanation of the various aspects of it here:

Thanks for the info but I am not about to pull apart the pages to do again. I was sort of hoping these tools would end up on the Arduboy site - not mine. @bateske is this possible?

If I cannot get them looking good, I will try what @MLXXXp suggested and either move the instructions below the drop box or move them to a different page.

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