Teaser: Arduboy binary .hex Installer

Just a screen snap for a teaser:

This is 80% real right now, and the hard part already works. It’s a Chrome “App”. It does not require the Arduino IDE or any of the AVR toolchain stuff. You just need Chrome, the Arduboy Installer, and a .hex file. It’s built around the avrgirl-arduino project. We’ll need testing (and maybe some hackers) for Windows, but so far it’s super smooth on my Mac. It’s just using Javascript and Chrome’s Serial port support, so it should work on Windows also when finished.

  1. Drag and drop .hex file.
  2. Burn to flash
  3. No third step.

Hope to post more this weekend.



Is there a specific reason it wouldn’t work on Linux, or should it work in theory but isn’t tested or needs debugging?

No, just I heard Chrome really sucks on Linux, so who knows. :slightly_smiling:

Hey, this looks great! I’m very interested in this project. I was in IRC and was told that lots of people are independently working on different solutions to the installation process! This overlaps a bit with a solution I’ve been working on, so I’m really looking forward to seeing it in action. I’d be willing to help test it for Windows, if you’d like. (Bear in mind, I only have the devkit at the moment.)

This is so neat, Josh! Looks like we both wrote our apps at the same time haha!
Yours is much nicer because it’s smaller and a chrome app.