Tetris - how to get it?

Yes I dont want to buy extra hardware for getting the device because kickstarter told that it will be released. Why they take my money and dont get it now :frowning:

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Hallo Hanschke,

Kannst du deine Frage umformulieren, ich verstehe sie nicht ganz.
Für den Arduboy selber gibt es leider noch kein Tetris.

Von der Arduboy Machern hingegen gibt es ein lizensierten Handheld names Tetris Microcard welches du hier kaufen kannst:

Ein offizielles Tetris wird es für Arduboy nicht geben, eventuell aber ein Hobbyprojekt von der Community. :slight_smile:



als das Projekt finanziert wurde wurde doch damit geworben das man Tetris spielen kann. Ich sehe also keinen Grund warum man sich kurz danach noch ein 2. Gerät kaufen muss. Ist für mich Geldmacherei und hätte man davor nicht versprechen sollen.


I will look at it thank you!

Check out the Tetris Microcard as @Botisaurus already mentioned is available at arduboy.com/store/tetris-microcard/

I know this but dont want to buy an extra device. thats not the idea from the kickstarter I support.

We never promised or talked about having Tetris available for the Arduboy, I’m not sure how to help you there. The game is protected by trademark and has to be officially licensed which is why we worked directly with the Tetris company to produce the Microcard.


Maybe I remember wrong Kevin but this was the main reason for backing it.

Has anyone written a tetris clone? i made my own arduboy PCB that has an option for vertical mounting.

We don’t chat about the you-know-which™ game here.

Basically see the three posts here:

We can discuss it, but nobody’s allow to make a clone because TTC LLC are heavy with the banhammer.

It’s mostly the same spec and it’s made by the same company.
The issue is that Arduboy Inc has a special relationship with The Tetris Company LLC, so there would be the same issue if Arduboy Inc made other (non-Arduboy) products.

That’s a different story since Arduino doesn’t have a relationship with TTC (on top of other reasons), though those github accounts would possibly get sent scary legal notices if TTC ever discovered them.

As I said before, TTC is heavy on the banhammer.

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Instead of the Tetris microcard being cheaper than the conventional Arduboy, it’s more expensive.

I’m a big fan of Tetris but not enough to want to fork out £60 for a one purpose device.

I get that the Microcard is licensed by The Tetris Company, and we have to pay more, but I own god knows how Tetris variants on different games consoles.

I’ll be giving this one a miss.

They actually work out a lot more expensive.

The only store willing to stock them (UK) seems to be cool components who have a £100 minimum order + VAT + Postage.

There’s a couple of Ebay sellers that charge postage bringing them in a tad under £70

With the Arduboy store there’s the additional £18+ customs fee.

Pimoroni have no interest in them (maybe @bateske could nudge them in the right direction)

I used coolcomponents and bumped my order with a Pi 3 and bits.

So yeah it’s on the expensive side compared to the Arduboy that can be had for £48 inc Vat and if you spend an extra £2 at Pimoroni get free postage.

I got my Arduboy from Pimoroni which was at the time the only UK supplier. Now CPC sell them.

I saw a Tetris micro card on Amazon UK for £60 i think.

Yikes this is the only one I found on amazon

How about exptech from germany ? seems to ship to uk and accepts paypal. €59 + €15.90 for UPS standard shipping.



That’s not bad, considering it includes shipping from Germany it beats the bulk of UK sellers.

@phil8715 have you seen them in stock for that price on Amazon? Every time I looked when I was after one they were out, maybe I’m just unlucky.

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@phil8715, are you sure you should be showing us your postcode?

@Mr.Blinky that’s a good deal assuming you have a card that doesn’t charge you extra for buying things in a different currency.

The sick part is @bateske probably has micro cards in his cars for scraping ice.


Probably because he didn’t get the idea to repaint them and stick 1943 on them yet :wink: