Tetris - how to get it?

The Tetris Microcard is on Massdrop if anyone is interested.


If you want, you can just program a tetris program, it’s not that hard to program it

True, But for me I have over 30 different mobile gaming consoles and I want this for my collection. Also, I am working on a space shooter so not really into making a clone of this game.

Best place to get the Tetris MicroCard is:




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Tetris MicroCard back in stock at Seeed Studio!

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Sir, we don’t say that name here in the forums. It seems you have become an outsider being so long away from here.

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These are perfect for putting 1943 Battle of Midway on!


I would even say it’s almost better with 1943 on it. Lol

A red and blue paint job and custom decals and it’s even better :wink:

has anyone figured out how to reflash the tetris boards? would love to have a vertically oriented “arduboy”

You’d need a hardware programmer I think.

Yep … they cost about $2 from China.

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