Tetris MicroCard a few questions

Hi, I just ordered a Arduboy from Pimoroni but am also interested in the MicroCard but have a few quick questions as good ole google seems to be giving me the runaround.
Is it possible to unlock and replace the game?
If not will there be a Arduboy in this Format?



Cheers but I seem to not have the required privileges to see the content in the thread.

You would have to wire a hardware programmer to it to do so, and once you did, the Tetris game would be lost forever. Also, the Tetris MicroCard is based on the ATmega328P, not the ATmega32U4 that the Arduboy uses. Porting Arduboy games to it would take some effort.

Since a new board with a ATmega32U4 on it would be required, I’d guess that the chances are unlikely.

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