Tetris MicroCard Available for Purchase!

You’ll have to wait a little more than a month but due to popular demand we have backorder available for the Tetris MicroCard:


These are being produced in a limited quantity still, and these will be from our second production batch. Order yours today!

I ordered one on Massdrop but its still to arrive. Where they waiting on the same order as these? Also the sound switch is a good idea and would have been nice on an Arduboy.

All I know is Seeed sells directly to Massdrop, we don’t actually have anything to do with that distributor. I was a little hesitant to put these up for sale again before they were in stock, but everyone kept asking for it so they could ensure they get one before they go out of stock again!

Hope you sell a million … I also hope that those that buy one and are not familiar with the Arduboy go to the home page of the site and see what they are missing ! The more sold, the more active this site.

A slight digression:
I wish the Arduboy had a sound switch like that.
It’s not cucial but it would be handy to not have to rely on the people making games to remember to add a sound option from a pause menu. (And to not to have to remember to add one in an accessible place.)

The other day I watched a few videos of people reviewing the Arduboy and one person didn’t know how to turn the sound on. (They were mostly old videos, but still.)

Great to see these being produced in a second run! I blew a LOT of hours on my Gameboy with tetris back in the 80s/90s and it’s still a great way to spend time today, especially on a device that fits in my wallet :slight_smile:

Any differences in this second run, or are they they same as the first?

Nothing wrong with a preorder, IMO. In the age of amazon and Massdrop, we’re all used to it. It was, for instance, great to not have to stand in line for my Switch… modern times have made me prefer the convenience and lack of stress of a preorder.

For any sketch that uses Arduboy2 library’s begin() function or calls systemButtons() after boot(), sound can be controlled by holding the B button during power up and then pressing UP for sound on or DOWN for sound off. I added this feature with the intent that developers wouldn’t have to deal with adding a sound on/off menu option if they didn’t want to. It’s the software version of the Tetris physical switch.

A switch would still be nice. Every handhold console I’ve ever used has had a sound switch (or dial, or button pair).

Same as the first batch, although at some point there may be a change to the packaging. We’re trying to get something smaller approved so we can offer cheaper shipping!

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