Tetris Microcard Reset

How does one reset the scoreboard? Is there a hard reset?

It’s not possible. You’re stuck with the high scores forever.

You can’t be serious?

Unfortunately, I am serious.

Seriously though, he’s serious.
I can’t find the thread but someone else asked this once before because they were thinking about possibly selling their Tetris Microcard.
It’s a terrible oversight, but it can’t be helped now.

Damn. It could use a pause button/shortcut too.

Nah, I don’t think I would have included a high score wipe. Can someone give me an example of where you can erase high score tables from like, GB or NES carts?

Things that were an actual oversight:
An option for enabling/disabling the ghost pieces
Better sound effects
Better line clear effects
Fancy intro screen

Originally we were up against a size restraint, but we ended up compressing a lot of things and had extra room, but ran out of time.

I guess the biggest problem we had in developing this is that it had to be done in house with paid employees, so we couldn’t leverage the power of the community which we have found is the real strength of Arduboy.

In the future, if we ever do some branded hardware we will try to find a way to bring more people in on the project.

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ALSO: If you have a problem with your MicroCard, even if it’s wanting to erase the scores, please let us know at www.arduboy.com/contact and we can work with you to resolve it.

It’s possible for us to reflash it, we haven’t done it before but probably could do it for a small fee. Or if you just aren’t happy and want to return it for a refund, we can help you out there too.

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You don’t think a pause button should have been included?

It depends on the game, various GBA games had it in the form of a button combination. E.g Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire had Select + Up + B, Mario Kart Super Circuit had L + R + B + Start, Super Mario World had L + R + A + B + Start + Select, Advance Wars had L + Right + Select, Game And Watch Gallery 4 had Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right,.

Usually these only worked on the titlescreen, for some it was at system start-up.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

It’s a shame you couldn’t have temporarily hired people from the community. Not that I’m doubting your employees capabilities of course, but as everyone knows there are some very clever and talented people here that might have made a difference.

Like you say though, maybe ‘next time’.

We actually built the software like, waaay before it was released because it had to be approved and locked in. The community wasn’t as awesome as it is today. But yeah, I mean frankly if I had the money I’d love to hire anyone that wanted to work here and we start a legit game studio :slight_smile:

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It would be nice to have the option to clear the scoreboard. I was going to give my extra one to my nephew and wanted to reset the scoreboard so he can start from scratch.

I do think a pause button is an actual oversight though. You mentioned GB and NES carts. They had pause buttons.

Pause was also a considered and deliberate omission. The microcard play experience dictates you must have an uninterrupted gameplay. This certainly ads real life as a factor in any high score.

In the future, if we do another specialized hardware we will certainly figure a way to address all this feedback so we certainly appreciate it!

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It’s understandable, there are always tradeoffs when cooperating with other companies (or indeed when having any kind of deadline).

In preparation for the day I actually release a game and my code puts everyone in awe:
if someone offered me an opportunity to be paid to make games I’d drop what I was doing and immediately get my CV in shape.

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This is the one thing I’d like to have (although clearing the high scores would be second on the list).