Tetris Microcard to purchase

(Jack) #1

Does anyone know where to purchase the Tetris Microcard?

(Kevin) #2

Seeed studio will have some soon, if you use our contact page and write us about it we will let you know when it’s live.

And we will post about it here.

And it will be on the website.

Maybe other places.

(curly) #3

this guy wants to sell his, if you dont want to wait

(Jack) #4

Thanks for info about the microcard. maybe I will wait

(Tech Fan) #5


Will these be coming back soon? I hope so, the demand is there. Everyone would want one of these. Why stop selling.

I really want to buy one!


(Celine) #6

Yup we are still making these! Like our Facebook page, or just keep your eyes peeled on the community for any news over the next few weeks! :wink:


Excellent! I haven’t tried out that system yet, really looking forward to orders opening!

(Kevin) #8

Gonna put up backorders on our website. These are not pre-orders because the product is currently in production and being stocked as we speak in our warehouse!

Trying to figure out logistics on when they could be shipped out.

(Kevin) #9

You can backorder MicroCard right now!



Awesome, I ordered one! Pretty excited! :smile: