Tetris MicroCard

Will it still be re-programmable?

There will be specific details incoming shortly via a reply in this thread. However, from what I understand, it will most likely be re-programmable. Wouldn’t quite be an arduboy/arduino if you couldn’t… but, still wait for the official reply from bateske.

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From another thread:


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Oh that is a really cool idea I really like the look of the vertical screen with the buttons farther apart.

I have to say, I love Tetris “®” and the epic story of its beginnings behind the iron curtain and its journey to the west!

But there is something strange about the marriage of something as intrinsically open as Arduino, and something so extremely closed as Tetris!

(ie. Tetris Creator Claims FOSS Destroys the Market,
The Tetris Company - Legal enforcement)


Maybe there really can be peace in the world.

If this thing has a vertical screen then how can it be 100 percent compatable with arduboy games on the second chip ?

Best case scenario? The unit delivers a flag that can be set in the environment and can be picked up by the library to rotate the image buffer when its written to screen. The aspect ratio will be wrong of course… which means the programmer might have to solve the view problem themselves. I wouldn’t speculate too hard and just see what input Kevin has : )

Playing games sideways is a feature!

I would imagine there’s no way around it, the vertical screen sure is nice for puzzle games though.

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Racing/car games are the first that come to mind.

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There will be two chips, one with Tetris and one that can be user programmed by default.

We want to support the open source community and at the same time people love Tetris!

By designing the hardware this way we are able to offer the best of both worlds open and closed.

If making and creating games is your primary focus then the original Arduboy gets you started for less money. We will look at how we can best open up development on the new platform soon!


Jack of all trades, master of none:

I think we should focus on a single product and perfect, as there is a very large market for the retro nostalgic side, and on the other the thousands of students who study computer science and programming in their schools, such as teaching materials. the device is good, now we must not think popularizrlo 2 3 0 4 products allow that … I think that would be achieved with content (games, software, sound (Nintendo is famous for its melodies) but not bad Idea (tetris love) I think it’s not the time. because the saying popular

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I doubt anything special has been done to make the screen vertical, other than where the buttons have been physically placed. The software has just been written to deal with the display in that orientation.

The mapping of bits in the buffer to pixels on the screen would still be the same as the Arduboy. Therefore, Arduboy games will play properly but the position of the buttons may be a little awkward when holding it with the screen oriented horizontally.

Note that if you rotate the unit so that the display is horizontal, the D-Pad will also have been rotated, so the button placement with respect to the screen will still be correct.

Likewise, an Arduboy game could be written for a vertical display and it would work properly on this unit and also on the original Arduboy, if you held it properly. However, the buttons may then become awkward on the original Arduboy.

I always wanted a retro N-Gage. XD

Tempted to get one, could be fun for use for more vertical based puzzle games.

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It looks like interesting, but the Arduboy are enough for me.

A SHMUP on this would likely be awesome. Truxton on Arduboy anyone?


That could be done in software but it would be slow. The problem is the orientation of 8 bit chunks of data cannot be changed in hardware… so if you rotate the screen now a single byte is rendered horizontally, not vertically (as before)… so any type of software transform would almost have to have like a 8 byte buffer where it did rotation of each 8 byte chunk before writing to the screen. And that forgets that we’re not just rotating the screen… the dimensions are actually different because the screen isn’t square.

And then the problem becomes how you encode all the image data in your ROM. So you can’t really escape the rotation problem unless you have double assets… this needs some thought.

Actually if you’re rendering at non-8 pixels boundaries the bit-shifting cost might be expensive enough that it could offset some of the rotation costs. The rotation pipeline in that case would need hard-coded pipelines for 1-7 bit shifts so it could avoid doing those same shifts itself. Need to write up some code and see.

Does anyone really want to write games with the same assets that play in both portrait and landscape orientations? I’d think orientation plays a big role in a lot of games.

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Did the Tetris project die?

I haven’t heard any news, but the online store page has been updated to “shipping soon!” Based on that I’d say it’s going. I’d still like to order one after I finish and release a couple more Arduboy games! :slight_smile:

I think Kevin has said elsewhere that the micro card won’t ship until all the kickstarter order have been fulfilled.